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Simple way to Get Rid of Oily Skin and Face

Updated on October 19, 2010

Get rid of oily skin

The human cutis is blessed with natural oils, which are demanded to preserve it moist. Yet, if the naturally produced oils exceed their boundary, it would give rise to what is normally sent for "oily skin". A common problem though, peoples would desire to get rid of it equally shortly as possible, as the surplus oil creates their face sticky. The oily nature of the cutis frequently directs to the blowup of acne too. Daily skin care function is quintessential to operate the over-production of oil by the secreters in the skin.  

Treatment For Oily Skin 

  • Wash your face with soap-free cleansing agent, which is peculiarly made for oily skin. Stay away from creamy typeface washes, as it will leave oily balance in the skin, making it seem oilier. Soap is not recommended, because it takes away the essential instinctive oils from your skin. 
  • You desire to control the surplusage of oil in your peel, but do not desire to make it dry. To serve the function, make utilization of an alcohol-free toner. Splatter a cotton ball, soused in toner, onto your side in round movement. 
  • Clay-based facial mask is the ripe for oily skin. Fuller's solid ground is appropriate for this skin type, as it makes it gentle. 
  • Utilize a spread of uncooked rolled oats, immixed with one teaspoon of honey and half teaspoon of lemon, onto your face. Allow it for xv minutes, before washing your side with lukewarm water. Dry your face later on. 
  • In order to constitute your skin less oily, wear sunscreen application or gelatin. Avoid utilizing sunscreen cream, as it would do your skin viscous. 
  • Pass over the dust and soil sticking to your face with wet tissue papers. 
  • Washout your face with unclouded water, at least four times a day. This will take out the layers of oil from your skin. 
  • Even though your skin is oily, you require to moisturize it. Apply very small amount of oil-free moisturizer on your face. You may employ infant talcum, to wipe off the oily residue of the moisturizer. 
  • Pick out appropriate make up for your skin.


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