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Sinful Colors Nail Polish - Best Drug Store Nail Polish

Updated on May 25, 2010

Sinful Colors Professional by Mirage Cosmetics is my favorite and what I would consider the best nail polish you can get at the drugstore for the price. I pay just $1.99 at Walgreens and have a huge stash of colors. I don't ever buy any other brand of nail polish because the selection that Sinful Colors Proffesional offers is awesome.

In addition to the girly pinks and sexy reds, also in the displays are purples, blues, and other stand out hip colors for fun and showing off your nails. The colors are bold and range from mattes to metallics.

Decorative Nail Art Tutorial

My favorite color is Red Diamond. The red sparkly color goes on beautifully and gives a great sparkle. Other sparkle nail polishes seem to be to transparent, not so with Red Diamond. The red color with this one is vibrant and with just two coats gives you an awesome sexy color that is good for summer, nights out, or anytime. It's one of the few colors that I wear no matter what the occasion.

I also love this one for my toes. It really stands out when I wear it with flip flops. Other colors I really love in the Sinful Colors professional Nail Polish line are

  • Shining Heart, a pink color with tones of purple in it. Loved this one for wear at work. Really sexy sophisticated.
  • Bali Mist, a purple with tones of black. Has this great shimmery metallic sand art swirl effect.
  • Pretty in Pink, a killer combination with a great tan. Really stands out against tanned skin for the girly but not so innocent look

For Best results always do two coats, but if you are pressed on time, Sinful colors goes on very well even with just the first coat, a second may not be neccesary. I like to put a clear top coat on to give an even better wet glossy look. Sinful Colors is under $3 at drugstores, only $2 at Walgreens and totally gives the popular brands a run for their money.

Sinful Colors Red Diamond

Sinful Colors Red Diamond
Sinful Colors Red Diamond


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    • stestifie profile image

      Stephanie Pyper 6 years ago from Sin City

      I just linked your hub to mine. I found it after I published my Hub. I hope you don't mind. Your review was very awesome on the nail polish and I did mine on the nail art where you can diy your own nails. =)

    • profile image

      verminjerky 7 years ago

      Wow, I'm surprised to find this article. Sinful Colors is my favorite, too. I got sick of the $1 brands and decided to, um, splurge for $2 (I get mine at Rite Aid.) Some of them are no better, but this brand is the kind of nail polish I didn't think I could afford.

      The best feature of this polish is that it lasts. That's where it really stands out. Also has a much better than average selection of colors, goes on easily, and dries in a timely manner. Other polishes can stack up or come close, but none of the other cheap brands lasts anywhere near as long.

      I beat my nails to heck but I can usually expect Sinful Colors to last at least five days to a week before chipping becomes noticeable. Other $2 brands that come in cooler-looking bottles, like Jesse's Girl and Ice Cubes, meh, I don't get two days out of 'em before I'm trying to fix my polish. Frankly NYC and Wet n Wild ($1 brands) are better.

      I'm sure there's some expensive brand I've never tried (and never will) that totally outstrips this one as far as quality, but for the price, Sinful Colors is the best.