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Six Signs He Is Wearing Lingerie

Updated on October 16, 2009

Watch that strap....

Ever wondered if a guy was wearing lingerie? Ever wondered if other people knew if you were wearing lingerie? Here are a few tell tale hints which often reveal that a man is wearing lingerie, useful for people watchers, and men who like to wear their lingerie out and about, but don't want to be conspicuous about it.

The Bra Strap

This is a dead give away that a man is wearing a bra, and many men forget about it entirely because its really only visible from the back, which obviously isn't in the eye line of the person wearing it. Beware guys, if you are wearing a shirt or t shirt over a bra and you bend over, or pull your shoulders forward, people will be able to see the outline of your bra, and that is one distinctive outline.


Another common bra related give away is lace. If your bra has lace cups, then you'll need to wear a camisole over your bra at the very least if you're planning on wearing a shirt or a t shirt. Shirt material tends to cling to lace patterning as they press together, producing a very obvious ripple at the front of your shirt.

Panty Tags

You'd think that panties would be easy to hide, right? Under your pants where nobody can see them. Unfortunately, panty tags quite often flip out the back of panties, and stick out over the tops of jeans or other pants, leaving the wearer quite obviously labeled as a panty wearer. Cut the tags off before you do any stealthy panty missions guys, it could save a great deal of trouble.


VPL, or visible panty line is the bane of women the world over, and for men who wear lingerie it can be a horrid giveaway. You're probably safe from VPL if you wear jeans or similar attire, but if you are wearing business pants which are thinner, you run the real risk of those pants pulling tight when you move and showing off your panty line. This isn't quite so obvious as a bra strap line, but it can still be a give away if you're not careful.

Garter Straps

Similarly to VPL, garter straps can be visible under business pants. Wear stay ups or pantyhose instead of stockings if you don't want curious looks at the office or at the restaurant.


If you're wearing stockings, the ankles can be a deal give away. Fortunately, most people don't spend a great deal of time examining the ankles of their peers, so it's likely you'll get away with a pair of understated tights clinging to your legs. Just be aware that those with eagle eyes may spot you.


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