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Skagen Watch Review

Updated on February 22, 2011

Known for their slim watch designs and affordable prices, Skagen watches provide a full range of lightweight watches with European design influences. Click Here to See the Entire Selection of Skagen Watches on Amazon.

The Skagen watches are a brand of watches that has gotten a lot of buzz recently.  The Danish are known for their practicality and the Skagen watches, which are of Danish design, exhibit this practicality in an elegant array of simplicity.  Many of the Skagen watches utilize a minimalist design that focus on a slim profile and sleek curves.  This provides a somewhat futuristic appeal and the Skagen watches are certainly are a watch of distinction.

In this Skagen Watch Review we'll cove some of the most popular styles and showcase some of the best Skagen watches for men and women. 

If you are looking buy Skagen watches online and are looking for the best price, we recommend checking out Amazon.  While doing the research for this Skagen review, we found that Amazon offered the best prices and nearly all of their watches offer free shipping.  Plus, for a limited time they are running a promotion that any watch over $149 qualifies for no interest financing for 6 months.  Click Here to See the Entire Selection of Skagen Watches on Amazon. Just something to think about

Skagen Watches for Men

The Skagen Men's watches range from the very popular titanium watch with a mesh band and slim watch design to the classy dress watch with a leather band and slim stainless steel or rose gold watch trim, to even a sporty design that maintains the slimness of the Skagen watches but adds functionalities such as chronographs, alarm functions and water resistance.  Below are some of the best Skagen watches for men

Skagen 233LTMN Titanium Black Mesh Watch

This is undoubtedly one of the best Skagen watches for men around.  This simple dress watch is ultra slim measuring only 5 mm in thickness and the watch itself is merely 34 mm wide.  The lightweight watch uses a Japanese quartz movement to keep impeccable time and the watch is water resistant up to 99 feet.  But all of this is overshadowed by the powerful presence of the black titanium mesh wristband (also comes as a polished stainless steel model) and the stunning iridescent deep blue.  This is a beautiful dress watch that would still look good in a casual setting and for under a hundred bucks it can't be beat.

Skagen 331XLSL1 Steel Brown Leather Multi-Function Watch

This watch style is one of my favorites.  This Skagen men's watch keeps with the ultra-slim design at 9 mm thick and efficiently uses the 38 mm diameter watch face by including a day and date function as well as a 24 hour subdial.  It uses a Japanese quartz movement to keep time and the mineral crystal window provides strength and durability.  This is another watch that can function as a dress watch or a casual watch and provides a look of refinement at a very reasonable price.

Skagen 595XLTXM Titanium Watch

For those men who want just love the dive watch style, this Skagen men's watch provides the bold dive watch impression with a Skagen spin.  For starters, this watch has a titanium bracelet.  While most dive watches use a highly polished stainless steel, this watch has a dull grey titanium that is much stronger as well as lighter.  Keeping with the thin watch tradition, this watch is only 9 mm thick and has a moderate 38 mm diameter.  This watch also includes day and date subdials as well as a 24 hour clock on the third subdial.  What stands out the most on this watch is the red seconds marker that provides just a little spark to an otherwise strong and subtle watch.

Skagen Watches for Women

Where Skagen's designs really shine are with the Skagen womens watches.  The traditional ladies watch is a slim and lightweight design and that is what Skagen is all about.  Their women's watches provide the elegance of European inspired designs with the technology of slim and lightweight.  Below are some of the best Skagen watches for women

Skagen 355SGSC Two-Tone Mesh Watch

This Skagen women's watch uses a classic design of a simple round watch but incorporates the slim designs Skagen is known for.  The watch is reasonable 28 mm wide and only 7 mm thick providing a light feel.  The watch itself has a two tone design on the bezel providing a gold ring to accent the stainless appearance.  Other than a small date window, this is a very minimalistic watch that is very elegant.  The stainless steel mesh provides the perfect combination of comfort and style.

Skagen 358SSSD Silver Dial Mesh Watch

This is another popular Skagen womens watch.  It uses a simple design to provide clean lines and a contemporary appearance.  The watch is only 5 mm thick and 27 mm in diameter giving it a very lightweight feel.  It has a stainless steel case with a matching stainless steel mesh bracelet and the simper silver white dial gives it a look of elegance.  This watch is very popular and for under a hundred bucks you really can't go wrong.

Skagen 985SSXN Swiss Rectangle Watch

Now for women who are looking for something a little classier out of their Skagen watch we have this Swiss designed watch.  While still being very moderately priced, this elegant dress watch changes things up by using a rectangular design to the watch face.  The case is still very thin at just under 8 mm and the width of the rectangle measures 20 mm making it somewhat narrow.  The watch uses a Swiss quartz design incorporating much of the Swiss watch heritage.  The stainless steel casing and bracelet match perfectly and the blue goldstone watch dial gives it a lustrous shimmer.

Skagen Titanium Watches

Then there are the Skagen titanium watches.  And just as Skagen is known for their slim watch designs and clean and minimal watch features, they are also known for incorporating titanium into their watches.  Titanium has a reputation for being strong and lightweight, making it ideal for these lighter than air watches.  Sometimes they merely use it to coat the mesh watches, while other times they will construct the entire watch out of it.  Either way, their titanium watches are a great deal, costing very little for such a premium feature.


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