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Skagen men's titanium watch #233xltmb

Updated on March 26, 2012

Skagen’s men’s titanium watch #233ltmb is a rather thin watch that can be bought at a very affordable price. As a watch, it performs the basic function of telling time of course. It is also a very attractive watch, as its thinness makes it very appropriate to be worn on casual appointments and formal meetings all the same. This watch from Denmark, however, loses the finish of its clasp and other parts such as the hands of the watch after a month or two, as they are made of stainless steel. This is one of the setbacks that this particular watch is notorious for. On the other hand, since the band and the watch per se is made of titanium, their metallic quality is sustained even upon constant wearing.

A similar watch to the Skagen’s men’s titanium watch #233ltmb can be found along the lines of the Skagen 396ltmb watch collection. When watch collectors and enthusiasts hear the word Skagen 396ltmb, they frequently associate it with the Skagen 396LTMB casual watch. Such an association is well-deserved, nevertheless, as this particular watch is one of the more celebrated watches in the 396LTMB series.  This certain item is strong and sturdy yet still very lightweight. One very noticeable feature of this watch is its stylish and sleek day/date function. Another apparent feature is the chrome and luminous indicators, as well as the hands that layer the dial. Ultimately, this watch is a hot commodity and we expect the craze to not die down anytime soon.

Just as watches are becoming more and more well-received, Hollywood is also now abuzz with the divine watches that Polanti offers. Hollywood A-listers like Sylvester Stallone, Ashton Kutcher and even RnB sensation Usher flaunt their Polanti watches on public. You must be wondering why this is so. This is because Polanti watches are very much diamond-studded. And not just microscopic diamonds! The diamonds that adorn Polanti watches are bigger than the typical diamonds that embellish most men’s wrist watches. Although Polanti watches are relatively new compared to the other titanic names in the watch market, they have forged ahead of the pack by banking on the value proposition that their watches offer. True enough, staying true to one’s value proposition spells the difference between in and out, hip and uncool. Thanks to the innovative Italian minds behind Polenta, Polenta watches are definitely IN!

Apart from the Polenta watches, DKNY, who is not only known for their collections of men’s wear and women’s clothing but also their accessories (i.e. men’s watches and ladies watches) is also a stiff competitor of the Skagen watches. DKNY watches stand in the market for being truly versatile. For instance, DKNY women’s watches generally cater to women with varied lifestyles. Some women may prefer flaunting their extravagant and upscale lifestyles and there is a DKNY women’s watch line or series that can accommodate this preference. Other women may prefer to keep it low-key and similarly, there are DKNY women’s watch collections that address this issue. Similarly, DKNY men’s watches range from the bolder watches to watches that exude understated elegance.

Be that as it may, the Skagen’s men’s titanium watch #233ltmb can be further revamped, retooled and redesigned. The manufacturers can start by addressing the issue on the finish of its stainless steel clasp.


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