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Skagen men's titanium watch 233xlttn

Updated on March 26, 2012

First off, as with the other watches, there are also many Skagen retailers both in the real world and in cyberspace. This means that you need not fly to Denmark so that you can have a Skagen watch or two. A trip to the nearest watch shop or retailer across the street or a number of miles away from home can prove worthwhile enough to scout for the most appropriate Skagen watch(es) that one should buy. Similarly, one can go online and check Yahoo! Shopping, Ebay or Amazon to check the most recent listings and sale of Skagen watches. Sure enough, the internet is replete with Skagen retailers that offer affordable prices for your favorite Skagen watches.

This being the case, one of the more celebrated Skagen watches is the Skagen men’s titanium watch 233XLTTN. This particular watch can easily be associated with style and sophistication. If this is not a sufficient reason to get you to buy such a watch, then perhaps you may be more persuaded if we say that this is a very handsome watch as well. Also, the comfort that the mesh band of titanium and stainless provides is an additional reason to prefer this one over other similar watches in the market. Moreover, there is a lifetime Skagen warranty that is guaranteed when you buy such a Skagen watch. Ultimately, this truly is an all-in-one Danish watch that deserves the attention of typical people and watch enthusiasts alike.

            Interestingly, there is another Skagen watch that people go gaga over. This is the Skagen 396ltmb. When watch collectors and enthusiasts hear the word Skagen 396ltmb, they frequently associate it with the Skagen 396LTMB casual watch. Such an association is well-deserved, nevertheless, as this particular watch is one of the more celebrated watches in the 396LTMB series.  This certain item is strong and sturdy yet still very lightweight. One very noticeable feature of this watch is its stylish and sleek day/date function. Another apparent feature is the chrome and luminous indicators, as well as the hands that layer the dial. In conclusion, this watch is a hot commodity and we expect the craze to not die down anytime soon.

However celebrated as Skagen watches like the Skagen men’s titanium watch 233XLTTN and the Skagen 396ltmb may be, Polanti watches are slowly but surely winning the hearts of a sizeable portion in the watch market. Nowadays, not only women in Hollywood can wear women’s diamond watches and be deemed cool. Such a trend was so last season. Interestingly and quite deservingly so, men in Hollywood have also come out of the public and worn the celebrated Polanti watches. And they did not get dissed. Rather their Polanti watches are glorified!

            Hence, Skagen watches have a valid reason to feel threatened. Polanti watches are fast becoming a worthy competitor. If the epoch quartz watches have overtaken the wind-up watches because of the former’s increased accuracy in determining time, there may come a time that the Skagen watches will have a decreasing market share, because the Polanti watches have cannibalized on the existing market share of the former. This may seem obscure, as the two brands have different target markets, but the prospect of one brand encroaching on the market territory of the other can never be discounted.


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