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Skagen women's mesh bracelet watch 107sssd

Updated on March 26, 2012

The Skagen Denmark Collection is the brainchild of an enterprising Danish couple who moved to New York City from Copenhagen to set up their business, Skagen Designs.  It aims to bring the Danish lifestyle and design philosophy not only to the United States but to different parts of the world as well. Their mission is to design and sell unique but affordable products and offer excellent customer service to its buyers. The Jorsts take a personal part in designing each piece of the collection which ranges from Skagen women’s watches to men’s watches to sunglasses to jewelry. They take inspiration from the little village of Skagen, Denmark with its natural beauty and purity.

The Skagen Women’s Mesh Bracelet Watch 107SSSD belongs to the Skagen Mesh Bracelet watch collection. It has a contemporary design with its round silver stainless steel bezel.   It has a mineral crystal window which is susceptible to scratches so extra care must be taken to avoid scratching the surface.  Stainless steel case is 27 millimeters diameter with 7 millimeters thickness making it flat, slim and lightweight.  The watch band is a stainless steel trademark mesh band which is very pliable and comfortable to the wrist as it adjusts very well to the wrist’s curvature.  The mesh band is held together by a fold over clasp with safety features that is easy to adjust.  If you want to adjust the band, you do not have to take it to the jeweler.  All you need is to lift up the lock, move it to your desired position and lock it back in place.  The adjustment is limited though as it can only go down to 6 inches which makes it a problem for those with small wrists.  The excess bracelet can be tucked in, though so there is no bulk at all. There are reports about problems with the clasp like other similar models using the same clasp.  It has a tendency to become loose over time. 

The Skagen Women’s Mesh Bracelet Watch 107SSSD has an analog display.  It has a clean, white dial with delicate crystals in the hour position and slim silver tone hands and sweeping seconds hand. There are not too many watches in the Skagen collection with the seconds hand and this is one of the useful features that many users would like to have.

The watch is water resistant up to 90 feet with limited splashes of water from the rain or from washing your hands but no taking them to a shower or swimming with them on. The life of the battery is approximately 3 years. The Japanese quartz movement comes with a lifetime warranty.  Some users have complained about the warranty though as they have experienced problems with the watch and the customer service did not come up to their expectations.  There were repairs that were not up to par and were very much delayed. 

The DKNY watch collection features watches with the same stainless steel mesh bracelet although the Skagen Women’s Mesh Bracelet Watch 107SSSD will always stand out because of its stylish and contemporary Danish design. The men’s collection has similar looking Skagen titanium watch which can match this for that his and hers look.

The style goes Style goes well with casual, work, and dressy settings.  Overall, the watch comes highly recommended.


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