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Skechers Shape Ups Boots

Updated on December 18, 2011
Skechers Shape Ups and Tone Ups Toning boots
Skechers Shape Ups and Tone Ups Toning boots

Shape Ups For All Occasions

Whether you want a sandal for the summer, a sneaker for exercise, or shoes to wear to work, you will be spoiled for choice with Shape Ups.

Shape Ups toning shoes have enjoyed an explosion in style in recent months, with brand new lines launched, a host of new technology, and highly fashionable designs. Many of the new Shape Ups offer a low profile construction, with a thinner midsole and greater stability. The shoes can be worn for running and higher impact exercising, offering the chance of posture correction and toning no matter where your feet take you.

New Shape Ups Styles for 2010 / 2011

This year has seen the introduction of the Shape Ups XW Extended Wear collection, developed with the workplace and long term wear in mind. The shoes offer the maximum comfort for a full day on the feet, with smart styling and plush uppers for more formal occasions. The Shape Ups XF Extended Fitness range is a new line offering a lower profile design better suited to cross training, and can be worn for the gym, jogging and walking.

The Shape Ups Original collection has also been bolstered and still offers the best bet for pure walking, with many new and fashionable styles added earlier this year.

Shape Ups Tall Boots Styles
Shape Ups Tall Boots Styles

Skechers Shape Ups Toning Boots

Now that summer is over, attention turns to winter warmth, and Skechers doesn’t disappoint with a brand new collection of toning boots to boost their already impressive winter toning range. The Shape Ups XF has a boot model for maximising toning, the Shape Ups XW has robust winter boots for added warmth when working outdoors.

Skechers Shape Ups boots are the perfect way to keep working out when the weather takes a turn for the worse. The foot hugging styles, and insulating linings keep the feet cosy and warm all winter, and the range of styles offer a boot to suit all tastes

Shape Ups Benefits to Health and Wellness
Shape Ups Benefits to Health and Wellness

How Skechers Boots Work

Shape Ups boots utilise the same Kinetic Wedge technology as the sneaker range. The Kinetic Wedge is a dual density EVA foam midsole designed to improve dorsiflexion in the feet, and to introduce small instabilities when walking. The body responds to the imbalance by firing more muscle fibres, and increasing the range of muscles used. Toning to the gluteus, hamstrings and calves is increased, with up to 30% more muscle activity generated when walking in Shape Ups and Tone Ups boots.

The soft Kinetic Wedge midsole offers excellent shock absorption to ease the forces acting on the joints, and helps to correct the posture bringing the shoulders backwards and aligning the spine. The change in posture eases tension in the back and shoulders, makes breathing easier and helps to stimulate the blood circulation.

Shape Ups Elasticity Tone Boots
Shape Ups Elasticity Tone Boots
Shape Ups Elasticity in Black
Shape Ups Elasticity in Black

Shape Ups Elasticity

The Shape Ups Elasticity toning boot is one of the most popular choices for winter warmth, with smart suede uppers and an attractive faux fur trim. The boots give a targeted workout to the buttocks, hamstrings and calves, and also help to gently tone the quads, abs and lower back.

The Kinetic Wedge midsole simulates barefoot walking in soft sand, introducing an extended heel to toe roll, stretching the plantar fascia and bringing more flexibility into the feet. The heel strike is well cushioned to ease the forces on the joints, and they make winter walking a pleasure. Posture correction has never looked more attractive.

Boot Stats:

  • Suede uppers with faux fur trim and lining
  • Half zipper on inside
  • Rubber outsole for traction
  • Reinforced PU frame for stability
  • 10.5 inches from the arch
  • 14 inches round
  • 1.5 inch Kinetic Wedge Midsole
  • Runs ½ a size smaller, go up one half size

Fitness boots
Fitness boots

Shape Ups Resolutions

The Shape Ups Resolution toning boot will help you to stick with your New Year resolution fitness plan, and keep you warm and cosy as you exercise through the worst of the mid winter weather.

The cushioned insole and thick EVA Kinetic Wedge midsole offers excellent cushioning from the shockwaves of walking, with the boots highly stable. They promote a full heel to toe roll, whilst preventing lateral movement and supporting the ankle. The outsole tread is great for all winter weather, and whilst not waterproof, the leather uppers can easily be treated with a suede /leather protection spray.

Boot Stats:

  • Nubuck leather uppers
  • Rubber moulded outsole
  • 20-eye lace up design with full length side zipper
  • Faux fur trim and lining
  • 6 inches from the arch
  • 1 ¾ inch heel
  • 8.5 inches round
  • PU frame to stabilize the foot

Shape UPS XW Winter Boots

For the best protection in the worst of the weather, the Shape Ups XW Hydraulic toning boot is hard to beat. Whilst there are many brands of toning boots now coming to the market, none has such a robust feel as the Hydraulic. The leather uppers are waterproof, with attractive suede panels adding a stylish touch. The boots give excellent support to the ankles, and the feet are kept snug and warm thanks to a soft fleecy fur lining. The outsole features lugs for improved grip over autumn leaves and winter snow and ice, making them the most stable toning boots on the market.

Boot Stats:

  • Shape Ups XW design for long term comfort
  • Smooth leather uppers with suede detail
  • Soft fleece faux fur lining and trim
  • Water resistant with gusseted tongue for weatherproofing
  • Lace up 7-eyelet boot
  • 7 inches from the arch
  • 12 inches round (adjustable)
  • ¾ inch built in heel
  • High traction rubber outsole with lugs for better grip

Shape Ups XW Tall Boots

You can’t beat suede calf boots for giving that snug and toasty feeling in winter. The highly fashionable styles are year on year favourites, and one of the best selling Shape Ups toning boots styles. 

The soft faux fur lining keeps the feet and ankles warm, and the low profile extended wear midsole keeps you comfortable wherever you walk. The conservative styling makes the boots easy to combine with all winter outfits and are sure to get a lot of wear throughout the colder months.

Boot Stats:

  • Soft suede uppers
  • Fleecy faux fur lining
  • Rolled fabric trim on collar
  • Instep strap for a secure fit
  • Flexible design for comfort
  • 12 inches from instep
  • 12 inches round calf
  • 18 inches around top
  • 1 ¼ inch midsole

Shape Ups XF Mid Calf Boots

The elegant Avalanche tall suede boot is sold in a shorter version called the Bollard. These highly flexible boots feature a thin suede upper and fleecy lining, yet keep the feet perfectly warm when the weather gets cold.

The boots are perfect for around the garden, and for casual wear from autumn to spring. The shorter style is better suited for wear with jeans, and the boots can be adjusted with a hook and loop instep closure strap for a custom fit.

Boot Stats:

  • Soft suede uppers
  • Fleecy faux fur lining
  • Adjustable hook and loop instep strap for a custom fit
  • Rolled fabric collar
  • 8.5 inches from the arch
  • 16.5 inch round top
  • 8.5 inches around the calf
  • 1 ¼ inch midsole

Skechers Tone Ups Rhythmic Boots
Skechers Tone Ups Rhythmic Boots
Skechers Tone Ups Mukluk Boots
Skechers Tone Ups Mukluk Boots

Tone Ups Boots

Tone Ups Rhythmic

The Tone Ups Rhythmic is a cute snug ankle boot which is perfect for wear around the house and garden, with a rubber outsole for traction both indoors and out.

These faux fur-lined suede boots feature a fold down collar, ultra soft and snug lining and side and rear seam detail. The boots are also sold in a tall calf boot model.

Boot Stats:

  • Suede uppers with seam detail
  • Fleecy fur lining with fold-down cuff
  • 4 ¼ inch from arch folded down, 6.5 inches from arch folded up
  • 1 ¼ inch midsole

Tone Ups Chalet Mukluks

The Tone Ups Chalet range are perfect for keeping warm around the house, and are great for casual wear around town. Featuring a range of styles with knitted or suede uppers, fur trim, buttons, fur detail and slouchy styles, they make dull and dreary winter weather more fun. If you are looking for Snow Boots, Tone Ups have the best range of styles.

Boot Stats:

  • Suede or knitted uppers
  • Faux fur lining
  • 8.5 inches from the arch
  • 13.5 inch round

Skechers Toning Boots

The sizes of Skechers toning boots do vary from model to model. They are usually true to size, although some models can run a little short. When buying online, always choose a company with a free return service in case the shoes do not fit, however before purchasing always read previous customers comments to get an idea on each particular model.


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    • profile image

      Vesna, Serbia 

      19 months ago

      Best boots in my life!

    • profile image

      Julie D. 

      5 years ago

      I have worn skechers shape ups since they came on the market. I am a large woman with many back problems. I have not worn anything else on my feet and I will not. There is no boot or shoe more comfortable for someone like me. Oh and I am a waitress and am on a cement floor for 7 to 10 hours a day. Need I say more?. Can't go wrong with these if you follow directions when you first get them.

    • SopranoRocks profile image


      7 years ago from Upper Peninsula, Michigan, USA

      Skechers make my favorite shoes and sandals - I had no idea they made winter boots! Thanks for the hub I am buying some now!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I love my sketchers, I can't work constable with out them,I have flat feet they sure do help a lot

    • GlstngRosePetals profile image


      8 years ago from Wouldn't You Like To Know

      I have to say I love my skechers and my legs have toned up a lot from them. Since I've been wearing them I have barely any back pain and they are so comfy. I didn't know they had boots so thanks for the info and I'll be buying a pair this week... Thanks for sharing..


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