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Skechers Shape Ups SRT Radius Trainer | Kim Kardashian Shape Ups

Updated on March 31, 2012
A picture says a thousand words............
A picture says a thousand words............

Take a deep breath. The full name of the latest toning shoes to be released from the Skechers Shape Ups factory is the Skechers Shape Ups SRT Radius Trainer Kinetix Response. It’s quite a mouthful, but Skechers felt that it was worth all the extra printing ink, and the long name is accompanied by a long list of benefits, with the latest toning shoes being some of the best ever to come from the American sneaker manufacturer.

The Skechers Shape Ups design has long been a favourite style of toning shoe, and offers a wider range of wellness benefits than many of the other shaping footwear on the market. Most people will certainly be buying these shoes to get a super hot body like Kim Kardashian, and sadly little thought will go onto the wellness benefitsthat come with each pair.  They will not be thinking too much about how the shoes can help to ease joint pain in later life, or how the boost to blood circulation has a really positive effect when exercising.  Neither will they be paying much attention to the postural improvements which come from wearing the shoes, which help to straighten the spine, bring the shoulders back and improve the walking gait. All they will be after is the confident walk of Kim, and naturally her quite spectacular lower half. They make your lower half your better half according to Skechers, and in this case they have done a pretty good job.  The top ain’t half bad either, but I digress.

Kim Kardashian showing what motivation, sweat and Shape Ups can do for the body
Kim Kardashian showing what motivation, sweat and Shape Ups can do for the body

Kim Kardashian Shape Ups

Most people will be choosing the latest range of Kim Kardashian Shape Ups after seeing the Shape Ups TV advert which launched Kardashian as the new face of Shape Ups when it first aired on Super Bowl Sunday XLV. She got to show just how good the female body can look, and whilst it can’t all be attributed to the new Shape Ups, they are certainly helping to maintain her amazing physique.

The Reality TV starlet is now getting comfortable with her role as the new face and body of Skechers Shape Ups. She loves the shoes as they help her to turn exercise and toning downtime into a workout, and are ideal for long filming sessions and magazine shoots to make sure that every bit of time can be spent keeping her body in the best shape. It’s hard not to want a pair of these shoes after seeing what can be attained, or at least maintained, with the shoes.

The Skechers Shape Ups Radius Trainer

The Shape Ups SRT Radius Trainer has been released as the Kinetix Response model, with a great choice of styles and colour schemes to choose from. They offer a great new look, and vastly improve on the style of the original Shape Ups shoes. Women these days are not happy with quicker toning and weight loss any more, but want even more from their footwear. Skechers are leading the way by producing highly stylish toning shoes which look fantastic as well. With greater style and fashion forward designs, they make you want to wear the shoes to work out, and will increase the time you will want to have them on your feet, which makes for a much longer toning session.

The shoes are designed to get the lower body working harder with each step, to shorten the time it will take to get Kim Kardashian’s body. The key to the success of the shoes is the unique Kinetic Wedge, which is located in the midsole, the spongy part of the shoes which acts as a shock absorber.  This insert is only present in Skechers Shape Ups shoes, and was developed to mimic barefoot walking in soft sand.  It provides great support for the arches, which can help to prevent fatigue of the muscles in the foot, and it also gets the feet moving more to improve flexibility. The two part midsole offers a great mix of softness for comfort and muscle activation, and firmness for stability when walking and working out.

 It is stability which the Shape Ups Radius Trainer is all about. The shoes may introduce small instabilities into the walking gait to get the muscles working more, but overall stability is much better, thanks to a host of new components. They improve on the design of the original Shape Ups shoes considerably.  By making them more stable, they are safer and can be used for a wider range of activities.

Skechers have added an Advanced Stabilization Insole to the shoes which adds greater stability to the heel. The heel is the part of the body which takes the greatest force when working out, being the first contact point with the ground. Getting the stability right in this section of the shoe is important to generate a healthy heel to toe roll, with a roll bridge and improved lateral stability to prevent any unwanted side to side movement.  The shoes offer a greater level of pronation control than other models (SRR excepted), and are much better suited to the full range of exercise activities.  

The shoes offer a traction outsole to provide greater grip on polished wooden gym floors, and feel a lot more natural to walk in than the original Shape Ups styles. Plus, they have plenty of mesh to allow hot air and steam to escape to keep your feet cool and comfortable when working out.

High traction outsole for maximum stability
High traction outsole for maximum stability

Skechers Shape Ups SRT Kinetix Response Benefits

There is more to the SRT Kinetix Response than toning alone, with the shoes helping to give the following benefits to the body, whilst turbo charging your workouts:

  • Help to reduce the shock waves from walking to ease the strain on the joints
  • Help to correct the posture to get the body back into neutral alignment
  • Help you burn more calories for faster weight loss
  • A great partner for improving cardiovascular fitness
  • Provide excellent cushioning for good foot health
  • Help to improve strength and stamina in the lower body.
  • Make walking and working out more comfortable to keep you exercising for longer
  • Get the lower body working harder from the abs down to the ankles.

Kim Kardashian in her Shape Ups SRT Kinetix Response sneakers
Kim Kardashian in her Shape Ups SRT Kinetix Response sneakers

The Best Skechers Shape Ups Yet?

It’s a pretty close run thing, but if running is really is your thing, these are not the shoes for you. The best toning benefits and comfort come from the Skechers Resistance Runner.

For out and out walking to get fit, the Skechers Shape Ups XF and XT are the best bet along with the Original Shape Ups – Yes they are still a great choice

The Shape Ups SRT Radius Trainer is currently only available in a womens model, so the men will have to make do with the SRR or the XT

However if you like to get a highly varied workout, and walk, get on the treadmill, workout n the fitness studio and want shoes which are good looking enough for casual wear, then these are the best choice by far.

Shoes with a whole lot of sole
Shoes with a whole lot of sole
Shape Ups Kinetix Response From $60 at Endless
Shape Ups Kinetix Response From $60 at Endless


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