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Skechers Shape Ups for Men

Updated on September 21, 2012

 Skechers Shape Ups makes shoes for the whole family, even for men.  And we all know men are hard to buy for!  However you can't go wrong with a Skecher Shape up for men has many handsome styles to choose form and offer variety of shoes.  In my experience men go for an item that is practical and durable.  Well, the Skechers Shape ups fit the bill.  They have  shoes for work and for play.  These shoes are very durable and look nice.  And as you know Skecher Shape ups tone up their buttocks thighs and calves as well as give you good posture.  Take a look here to see the latest styles in the Skechers Shape ups for men.

Skechers Men's Shape Ups Lace-Up

 I am going to start out with a product I know about, The Skechers Mens shape Ups Lace Ups.  I bought a pair of these for my boyfriend and he loves them.  He works in a hospital setting so he is always moving around.  He likes the fact that these shoes are helping him stay trim and toned while on the job.  He also likes how the shoe looks.  Not quite a dress shoebut not quite a sneaker.  This shoe is very durable.  It can with stand a lot of wear and tear (but not the dog) Colors are available in white, black, pebble and navy.  This is a very popular shoe wit the guys as it received four and half stars out of five from 63 customer reviews.  Customers stated it really does help with toning up.  One customer bought this pair to go on his regular walking exercise routine and reports to getting toned with each work out.  Another customer stated he really liked the way it alleviated some of his back and hip pain when he walks.

Skechers Men's Shape-Ups Regimen Lace-Up

 The Skechers Mens Shape ups Regimen Lace up Shoes come in a variety of colors.  They come in charcoal, black, navy, white and charcoal/navy. Sizes range form 6.5 to 11.5.  The shoe is made of leather and has the Sketcher logo stitched in it.  The sole is a thick rubber sole with great tread.  This is another popular brand of Skechers shoe.  It received a total of 23 customer reviews.  Customers gave it four and a half out of five stars.  Men made comments on how it helped relieve some pain in his heels.  Men who bought this shoe also made comments on how this shoe did help with toning up legs and calves. Other customers state that these shoes are just as good as MBTs!

Skechers for Work Men's Agility SR Lace-Up Boot

If you need something a little dressier for work than how about the Skechers for Work,Men's agility shoe?  It is a very handsome leather shoe with the same Skechers heel.  You can work and get your work out that the same time. They come in colors black and brown and range is sizes from 6.5 to 11.5.  This Oxford has a rocker bottom and a round toe.  This shoe absorb the shock and is made with breathable mesh.  It recieved five stars out of five from nine customer reviews.  Men stated this shoe did alleviate some knee pain he was experiencing at work. Another customer commented the same, this time citing his back pain was being relieved by wearing this shoe.

Skechers Men's Journeyman Safari Sandal

 Skechers even makes sandals for men!  The Journeyman Safari Sandal is one of he most popular Skechers sandals for men.  They come in black, brown,tan and chocolate.  They range is sizes from 8 to 16.  ( you will have to check the site for availability.)  It is fashioned with mesh and leather and has a breathable fabric lining and a faux suede lined cushion footbed.  This Skechers sandal received an average of four out of five stars form 29 customer reviews.  One customer who was never a fan of sandal absolutely loves these.  Other customers state that these sandals were  very comfortable.

 The Skechers men Cadence Shape up Sandal comes in black,brown/black and taupe/black.  The Sizes of this shoe range from 6.5 to 14.  It has a wedge supersoft midsole to help absorb shock.  This durable shoe has scuff resistant leather.  Skechers does not recommend running in this shoe.  The Skechers Men Cadence Shape Up Sandals scored an average of four and a half stars out of five from four customer reviews. Customers state the shoes are very comfortable and weigh half as much as MBT's.  Customers also state that this shoe is more cost effective.  Again another customer states he has not worn his MBT's since he bought these shoes.   

 The Skechers Men's Shape Ups Overhaul Lace up Shoes come in black and dark brown.  These Shape ups are another good alternative for work shoes.  Dressy enough for work while still giving you a Work out.  The sizes range in size from 6.5 to 10. Three customer reviews give this shoe four and a half stars.  Customers state this shoe decreases stress on the joints.  These shoes  again were favored over MBT's due to quality. Customers state it is overall a great product. The shoes are also noted to be effortless to walk in.

Skechers Men's Shape Ups Biathlon Lace Up

 The Skechers Mens Biathlon Lace Up comes in Blue/charcoal, taupe/charcoal and Khaki Suede.  this shoe is available in sizes 6.5 to 9.5.  The Skechers Mens Biathlon Lace Up received five out of five stars from four customer reviews. customers comment on how it did not take any time at all to get used to walking in this shoe.  Customers also comment on how comfortable the Skechers are compared to other shoes.

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