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Best Value Men's Skeleton Watches Under $200 2017

Updated on February 10, 2017
I personally love this Invicta Men's 1088 skeleton watch because of the size and the great look. It's not easy to find a good watch that will look good with a lot of things. This Invicta makes for a great sports and casual watch.
I personally love this Invicta Men's 1088 skeleton watch because of the size and the great look. It's not easy to find a good watch that will look good with a lot of things. This Invicta makes for a great sports and casual watch.

What You Should Know About Skeleton Watches

There really is something quite fascinating about a mechanical skeleton watch. What is a skeleton watch? As a skeleton is just bare bones a skeleton watch is made to show off the working parts inside. If you're looking for a conversational piece, then a skeletonized watch that has polished mechanical parts is hard to beat.

Most skeleton watches are made so you can see the parts through the front of the watch, but there are designs that allow you to see inside from the back, or even a small cut on the outside of the dial. Very well made skeleton watches do away with any non-essential pieces of metal to simplify the design and highlight the working parts.

Most high-end luxury watches made from hand are at least partially skeletonized in order to see the time and effort that went into the watch. This increases both their appeal and value.

With skeleton watch designs available in the low, mid, and high tier I'll give you a look at a few of my favorites for the money.

Men's Skeleton Watch
Men's Skeleton Watch

Automatic Vs. Manual? What's the Difference?

A lot of skeleton watches are automatic which do not require any kind of winding or batteries to give them power. Most mechanical watches typically need you to wind them periodically so they have the energy needed to continue keeping time.

Automatic Watches

Automatically winding watches use your arm motions to keep it wound, though most of the ones we are discussing here do tend to need some manual winding from time to time though not nearly as frequently as a typical mechanical one. If you don't want the hassle of staying on top of winding your watch, make sure to buy an automatic one.

Manual Watches

However, getting a watch that needs manual winding is not too complicated. I tend to prefer these since I can make sure the watch is completely accurate at all times. Most users’ manuals will instruct you on how to wind your watch properly but it is quite simple.

By using the winding knob on the side you turn it until you feel it release, or until it pops out into the winding position. Once the watch is on your wrist, turn the crown clockwise in one full revolution and keep going until you’ve done it 30-40 times. Make sure to check your watch every day to ensure it is keeping time well.

Men's Skeleton Automatic Mechanical Sport Band Wrist Watch
Men's Skeleton Automatic Mechanical Sport Band Wrist Watch

Do You Need a Water Resistant Watch?

Believe it or not, many of these watches come with some kind of water resistance.

Granted, I would never suggest going scuba diving or snorkeling with one on, but if you accidentally drop it in the sink or get caught in the rain, they should hold up fairly well.

Do you prefer an automatic or a manual watch?

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5 stars for Invicta 1088 Russian Skeleton Diver Watch

6 Good Value Men's Skeleton Watches for the Money

3 Good Skeleton Watches Under $200

#1 Invicta Men's 1088 Russian Diver Mechanical Watch

This Invicta Men’s Russian Diver Stainless Steel and Black Mechanical Watch is one of my favorites on this list.

Invicta has a great reputation for making quality wristwear and you should be very happy with your investment should you purchase one.

The stainless steel and black accents are very classy and it comes with a hand winding movement. Synthetic sapphire crystal is the most durable kind of face cover you can find so this watch can take a beating and still look new.

Here's a look at the Android Skeleton watch up close and personal. It's available in silver or black.
Here's a look at the Android Skeleton watch up close and personal. It's available in silver or black.

One of the More Unique Skeleton Watches you'll See

#2 Android Men's Hydraumatic G7 Skeleton Automatic Watch

One of the coolest on the market right now, as well as quite affordable, is the Android Men's Hydraumatic G7 Skeleton Automatic Blue Watch. It has a cuff band so it fits most men's wrists.

As you can see in the picture it fits my medium-sized wrist.

A Watch that Will Set You Apart

Designed with a futuristic look and robotic accents, this is a fantastic retro watch that will be a conversation starter. With water resistance and automatic winding, this is a very low maintenance timepiece.

Final Thoughts:

This watch does feels a bit heavy on my arm and took some getting used to, but isn’t by any means uncomfortable.

#3 Stuhrling Original Men's "Classic Winchester Elite"

You might also like this Stuhrling Original Men’s Classic Winchester Elite Stainless Steel Automatic Skeleton Watch.

Good for Casual and Formal Occasions:

This one still gives you the skeleton look on the face, yet a classy and fashionable design everywhere else on the watch. The stainless steel linked bracelet band is very easy to adjust and shines nicely.

The only downside to this automatic watch is that the hands are not luminous at all so you cannot read the time in the dark. That being said with most having cell phones on hand this won't be a dealbreaker for many.

3 Affordable Men's Skeleton Watches Under $50

Not As Accurate, but You Get what You Pay For:

Before moving on to these inexpensive watches I just wanted to mention that when it comes to skeleton watches you do get what you pay for. The watches below look fantastic but don't keep time nearly as well as the watches mentioned above.

Additional Maintenance May be Required Vs. Pricier Watches:

In general mechanical watches already require much more maintenance than your standard quartz timepiece anyway. With that in mind, if you're willing to put some effort into keeping your watch accurate, then the watches below are a good value overall for those looking to purchase a look rather than a mechanical watch that's been Swiss COSC certified for its accuracy.

#4 Mens Mechanical Skeleton Watch Hand Wind Up Silver Dial Black Leather Strap

With a leather band, this Mens Mechanical Skeleton Watch also has a very classy look. Not only can you see the inner workings of the watch through the face plate, there is some engraved scrolling design to add more flair as well.

Unlike the Stuhrling, the hands on this watch are luminous. For those that want a winding watch, this is a good pick. I have noticed that the strap seems to be a bit more cheaply made, so once I noticed it starting to break down, I simply replaced it with a brand new higher quality strap.

#5 Mens Skeleton Automatic Mechanical Black Silicone Band Sport Wrist Watch

Sports enthusiasts will like this Mens Skeleton Automatic Mechanical Black Silicone Band Sport Wrist Watch. I really like the red accents around one side of the bezel, as well as on the sides of the black strap.

You will notice, after wearing the watch all day, that the strap leave imprints on your skin. I found that this one was not quite as accurate at time keeping as the MW-07 however.

#6 Skeleton Pocket Watch Mechanical Movement Hand Wind Roman Numerals

For something more unique, I like this inexpensive Engraveable Skeleton Pocket Watch from Winner with beautiful gold toned inner workings.

An Old School Watch Option

It comes with a metal chain measuring 14 inches. Though not for everyone, this is a classic looking piece that would be great with formal wear.

© 2014 JC Heppler

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