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Skin Acne Cures

Updated on September 28, 2010


Acne skin cures

If you have pimples and acne, most likely finding a skin acne cure is at the top of your list for seeking out information. Finding a good product with strong chemicals is only one way to cure acne, but is not the only means available. A good skin acne cure also includes lifestyle changes with diet and exercise routines. What else can you do?

Acne occurs for several reasons. The most popular reasons take time and effort to cover. The core of treatment revolves around minimizing your oil, killing the bacteria, and unclogging your pores. We find that you can do these things with both lifestyle changes and medicine.

Getting an adequate amount of sleep is crucial whether it is 8 hours a night or not. If your body is tired and exhausted; you won't be able to work at your full capacity. We find that lack of sleep can hamper your immune system and throw your internal fixings off track.

You may want to learn more skin acne cures with our clinically proven system.

Though you may see many articles covering the latest and greatest of products, the truth is that there is no miracle product out there that is a skin acne cure. Accutane is the closest product but still requires a doctor's prescription and supervision.

We find that there are some ingredients, however, that can make one acne product better than another. One of these ingredients is Retinol; this is a derivative of Vitamin A. We find that it can dry out your skin and encourage skin peeling. This can be helpful with acne. Use exfoliators, cleansers, and masks that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. We find that both of these ingredients work differently for different people. You may find that what works for you may not work for someone else.

We find that glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy acid are good skin exfoliants which can help to remove the top layer of skin. However, use caution as they can also cause irritation with some people. It is recommended that you do a spot test first. This way it will make sure that your skin won't be irritated.

We find that a good cleanser is a great investment for your skin acne cure. Look for antibacterial cleansers, they are the best. We find that a lot of them contain benzoyl peroxide. Look for a product that has at least 5 percent benzoyl peroxide in it. It is best to wash your face only twice a day. Anymore and it can strip away your oil and irritate your skin.

You need to reduce the oil on your skin. Even though you can't stop your skin from producing oil, with the exception of Accutane, you can slow down the oil production. Gentle astringents that contain glycolic acid or alpha hydroxy acid will help with this. You should use them with a cotton ball or cotton pad.

Masks are also available that can help to draw out the oil. Look for masks that contain sulfur as an ingredient. It is very effective for this. There are some masks that you can leave on over night and some are left on just a few minutes. It is important that you read the directions.

We find that eating a healthy diet high in essential vitamins and minerals is crucial as well as getting adequate exercise. We find that taking care of your overall health will also benefit your skin.


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