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Skin Aging Talk And Five Of The Best Organic Anti-Aging Serum (That You Do Not Know Exists)

Updated on January 26, 2016

Wrinkle Alert!


Wrinkles... Make it go away!

There are so many skin care treatments for wrinkles, especially anti oxidant serum, out in the market today and to be honest, you only know of brands that are well advertised on TV, radio, print and social media, correct? How about those skin products that are organic and really good to fight aging, but is not a one page advertiser in a posh magazine or does not possess a monstrous billboard?


Organic Skin Care Products - IN!

It is frustrating, really. The wrinkle-free products with a big budget on advertising often always reap of bigger sales. Are these anti-aging beauty jars and liquid serums performing as promised? Well, there are some which are ineffective for most commercialized anti-aging treatments. This is perhaps one of the reasons why organic skin care therapy has been established and word of mouth on such products becomes an efficient tool in advertising the products.

Do you want to look like this when you reach 65?

Mature Woman, Aging Gracefully
Mature Woman, Aging Gracefully | Source

Anti Aging Serum: Rejuvenates, Moisturizes and Hydrates

Take for instance, the anti-aging serum. This type of product hydrates the skin and provides deep moisture to tired, dull and aging skin. It means that the anti oxidant serum will help in making the skin look younger, fresher and healthier.

(Who is against that? No one! We all want to look beautiful and pleasing, especially as one begins to age and wrinkles starts to kick in. Aging starts at 20, you know. Collagen production of the body starts to decline after two decades and that is 1% less collagen each year. But thanks to free radicals, pollution and other issues like liquor consumption, drugs and cigarette smoking, aging each year is multiplied drastically – say 5%. Sigh... I am only 36 and I can see some fine lines on my eye area and my cheeks are sagging. If I was not using Argan oil, I am pretty sure that I will look older than my real age. If I tell people I am 32, they still believe me! I think that is a compliment.)

Start Now - Protect your Face from Aging Real Quick

Anyway, back to anti-aging serum. There are some organic serums that are 100% safe to use plus it is very affordable. I have asked my aunts, mothers of my besties and some older friends on their skin care regimen. These women that I have talked with are very conscious about their appearance and I think only one of them (my Aunt Girlie and she is 46) said that she does not use anything on her face. Now, I know why she looks dry.

These serums cost less than $50 per bottle with the exception of one and it can be consumed for at least 30 days. My Argan oil is only 30ml and sometimes it takes around 37-38 days to empty a bottle.

My mom is very stingy when it comes to her products and up to the last drop, she saves it up. Her serum bottle lasts for almost 2 months with her. You do not have to apply a lot on your face since 3 to 5 drops is enough to "feed" it with moisture, so to speak.

John Masters® Vitamin C Anti-Aging Face Serum

30ml for $30
30ml for $30 | Source

Intelligent Nutrients Renewing Oil Serum

50ml for $65
50ml for $65 | Source

Tata Harper™ Rejuvenating Serum

30ml for $95
30ml for $95 | Source

Anne Marie Anti-Aging Serum

15ml for $49.95
15ml for $49.95 | Source

The Cheapest Anti-Aging Serum but Works Like its Expensive Counterparts

On sale 30ml for $19.95
On sale 30ml for $19.95 | Source

What can anti-aging serum do for you?

Most serums are oil based with extracts from barks, leaves and plants that contain skin regeneration properties, protection against free radicals and boosts collagen production. As you age, you lose the ability to produce collagen naturally. Also, the ability of the skin to fight bad elements is tipping negatively. In a sense, the anti-aging serum is your vitamins for the face. It will improve skin immunity. It will replenish old skin to new skin. It will make a lot of great improvements on your skin.

It is not magic, ok? Manage your expectations if you are using any type of anti aging and anti oxidant serum for that matter. It has to be a continuous process and of course, it is part of a daily regimen. In as short as 2 weeks, you will see a slight difference in your skin's appearance. For others, they felt the change in less than a week.

At the Opening of our Branch 2, Salon and Spa

This is the Entrace of the Salon and Spa
This is the Entrace of the Salon and Spa | Source
Me and Our Facial Services Expert, Juliet, her face is not shown. Sitting at the counter waiting for clients! (Juliet has been doing facials for the last 25 years.)
Me and Our Facial Services Expert, Juliet, her face is not shown. Sitting at the counter waiting for clients! (Juliet has been doing facials for the last 25 years.) | Source

Am I a Beauty Expert?

I finished Accountancy in college. Recently, I finished 1 term of my Fashion Design course which means that I am an Apparel Technology certificate holder. These are my credentials backed up by university studies.

As for experience, you can say that I know a bit about beauty since I have been managing our family business and we have two branches of Beauty Salons and Spa.

We have facial care in our spa. We promote organic beauty regimen and our suppliers provide for us modules and training on the products that we use in the salon and spa.

Our salons have been operating for the last 11 years. That is the extent of my beauty and skin care experience.

I would like to think that I am a great researcher and that I read about things before I use them. I ask feedback from people who are users and then try it for myself.


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