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Skin Care with Fine Milled Castelbel Handmade Soap from Portugal

Updated on August 16, 2016

Castelbel Luxury Soap Collection


Castelbel Facial and Body Soap 300 Years to Perfection

Thank-you to whoever gave the Castelbel Soap as a gift to our Christmas Party gift exchange. I had never heard of the brand and knew virtually nothing about it. However, it smelled great and looked great.

That is how I first came to try Castelbel 100% vegetable soap, handmade in Portugal. The soap bars are huge. The variety package that I received in the gift exchange included olive oil, carrot, and tomato soap. They smelled wonderful. It was clear the soap was high quality.

I tried the bar of olive oil soap first. It is the one that is unwrapped. The bars are very big by our USA standards. They each weigh 12.34 oz whereas regular soaps in the USA weigh in at 4 to 5 ounces. The soap had a lovely light fragrance and felt wonderful on my skin. It seemed to fix the dry skin that I have due to our dry central heating. I wanted to know more!

Thanks to the Internet I was able to learn many things about Castelbel Soap made in Portugal.

These products are quite high-end and are touted in fashion magazines through-out Europe and in magazines such as Vogue in the United States. I had never heard of the soap or the company before.

This created an interest in just what this Castelbel Soap was. The first thing that I learned was that Castelbel is Triple Milled per a 300 year tradition.

Fine Milled Soap


What does milled soap mean?

Okay, admit this with me, you have heard all about triple milled fine soaps for years and still are not exactly sure what triple milled means.

In order to mill soap a producer mixes their fine ingredients and then processes the soap three times between large stainless steel rollers to create a soap paste. This paste is then pressed into molds.

Triple milling creates a more uniform soap. The soap is smoother and the impurities have been pressed (milled) out. Most companies that take the time to triple mill also use finer ingredients in their products.

Triple milling also presses out most of the air bubbles in the soap. Most none milled soaps are full of air pockets and that is why they do not last very long. When buying triple milled soaps you are getting more soap and therefore, better value for your money. Triple milled soaps last longer. This helps to take the sting out of the higher price points for triple milled soaps.

The triple milling process was developed in France in the 1700's. This is why the triple milling process is synonymous with France. However, other countries and hand craft soap makers make triple milled soaps as well.


Castelbel Soap Makers in Portugal

Castelbel soap has a 300 year history. Their triple milled soaps use recipes refined over those 300 years. They use only the highest quality olive, palm and coconut oils. The soap does gently clean your skin. It does not dry out your skin at all.

These hand blended soaps are also made entirely out of vegetables. The list of ingredients does not contain harsh chemicals that dry and irritate skin.

Castelbel Soap makers are located in northern Portugal. This region is known for olive groves and warm sun. Castelbel advertises that their soaps bring the ambiance of Portugal’s warm weather, sun drenched countryside, and spirit of Portugal with them. That sounds good doesn't it?

Well, I have only been to one port in Portugal and it was chilly and raining that day. Everyone kept giving me sherry to drink. Sherry is also made in Portugal and deemed to be quite good. I am not a sherry drinking person. So, I prefer Castelbel soap as my favorite Portuguese product.

Here is where the soap is from:

A markerCastelo da Maia, Portugal -
Castelo da Maia, 4440-452, Portugal
get directions

Home of Castelbel Luxury Skin Products

Olive Oil Soap Unwrapped



I found Castebel soap luxuriously softening on the skin. It cleanses without harsh chemicals. The ingredients are natural and healthful. My skin has never felt better.

In the wintertime central heating creates a very dry atmosphere. Most people have dry skin problems because the humidity is heated right out of the air by the central heating system. Furthermore, I live in a dry desert climate. Castelbel soap is a wonderfully moisturizing soap. It has stopped itchy dry skin for this user.

It is somewhat hard to find in the USA at a bricks and sticks store but thanks to the Internet, it is available to us via Here is a link to purchasing this wonderful soap. I do recommend starting with the olive oil soap.


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    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      I am always interested in something natural. This soap sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing all this useful information. Voting UP+++