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Skin Clearing Foundation Application

Updated on July 19, 2011

Foundation is Supposed to Cover Right???

Yes, the purpose of full-coverage foundation, concealer, powders, and all the other goop that you put all over your face is supposed to make it look "presentable". However, if you have acne - or even if you are annoyed by the occasional flare-up the type of foundation and the way you apply it may be causing the pimples to be worse then they really are!

If you think about it, pimples are caused by clogged pores. When you glop foundation all over your face, you're only providing the pimple further reason to be irritated. Less is more when it comes to covering up pimples, so let's get started!

First Things First: Prep Work

If you have a pimple the LAST thing you want to do is attempt to cover it by applying any foundation with your fingers. Even if you have washed your hands, any oils or residual grime is going to be picked up by the liquid/paste/goop and go directly onto your already inflamed pimple! Use clean brushes and sponges in order to prevent further irritation of the pimple.

Secondly, wash your face before you apply your make-up. You do not want to trap any dirt and/or oil underneath your liquid foundation.

Third, apply any astringent you may have to your pimples to assist them in cleaning themselves out and closing the head pores so further dirt cannot get trapped in them.

The Science of Color!

In keeping with the less is more mantra - let's talk about the science of color. Pimples tend to be red - right? The redness makes them incredibly difficult to cover - especially with ivory or a yellow-based foundation.

TIP: Dab a tiny bit of green concealer onto the pimple before you apply your concealer/foundations that are in your skin color. The green helps to counteract the red due to the fact that they are opposite each other on the color wheel. The mix of the two colors makes the pimple easier to cover with less foundation/concealer!

I recommend Physician's Formula concealers. They are light weight and made to be less irritating on your skin and/or pimples.

Don't Glob on the Concealer!

After you apply the green concealer, you may need further coverage. If you need a concealer in your skin color - dab this on lightly as well.The difference between concealer and foundation is simply that concealer is thicker. In fact, if you can't afford to by both concealer and foundation a good tip is to use the foundation located in the cap of your liquid foundation bottle. This residual concealer has had enough time to dry to the consistency of concealer.

Another tip: If you are able to buy concealer and foundation, buy a concealer that is a couple shades lighter than your foundation. During this will allow your foundation to cover it and your face evenly with less!

When you're finished the two colors will look blended and both the green and the pimple will be less noticeable. If you still have a green tinge to the areas you applied it, don't worry! You're not done yet!

The Foundation

As stated before, do NOT apply foundation with your fingers on an already inflamed face. Not only will the dirt and grime from your fingers transfer to your face, but you will also use a whole lot more then you actually need.

Instead, dip your clean foundation brush into your liquid concealer. Some people pour the foundation into some dish-like container and swirl their brush around in it. Personally, I simply stick my brush into the foundation bottle. Though my method requires a few more refills onto the brush, I do not worry about transfer as the brush is going directly into the foundation bottle without a middle man.

Apply the foundation to your face in a circular motion. By using the brush and the circular motion you are able to cover all sides of any pimple evenly and lightly. It allows for more visible coverage - i.e. pimples disappear - without having to apply the amount to skin irritating foundation required when you use your fingers. It's a win-win application!

The Powder

Before your apply your powder foundation, clean of your liquid foundation brush and lightly go back over your face. Doing this with remove any excess liquid foundation you don't actually need as well as evens out the foundation application. The goal is for as thin a layer of foundation as possible while still maintaining coverage.

Apply powder to your face to "set" your liquid foundation. You want to apply the powder in the same circular motions as your did your liquid foundation. This allows for even coverage as well as ensures that there are no "shiny spots" as you go throughout your day. It will even help prevent running of foundation!

After you have applied your powder foundation, clean off your brush and repeat the same step you did with your liquid foundation. You want to remove any excess powder and even out the powder to create a flawless and even look.

Make Your Foundation Work Double!

Whenever I search for foundation I have three requirements: Light/No Oil, Skin Clearing, and Does Not Contain Sulfates.

The Lack of Oil helps prevent my pore from being clogged by adding oil onto a face that already has enough of it!

Skin Clearing: I love love love love love the Neutrogena Skin Clearing line of Foundations. Not only do they provide great coverage, but they also contain pimple fighting ingredients! Careful though, if you are sensitive to Salyic Acid, these may not be the right foundations for you.

Does Not Contain Sulfates: Sulfates are drying, no matter what your personal history. Items that contain sulfates may be OK for some short term use, but long term/continuous use can potentially mess with your skin ( and hair! - watch out for it in shampoos too ).


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    • sweetie1 profile image

      sweetie1 6 years ago from India

      hi Madeleine P, i am lucky that i didnt have pimples. Very nice and informative hub voted it up