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Skin Lightening Creams as an Acne Scar Treatment

Updated on August 6, 2010

Many people have had success with skin lightening products, such as Menscience Pigmentation Repair, which use natural ingredients that are gentle on your face.

Acne scarring is an annoyance at best and completely embarrassing at its worst.  Having deep pitted scars can affect self confidence and shape a personality.  Recently there has been a whole lot of attention on scar reducing products that promise to diminish the effects of scarring and fade blemishes. 

Using these types of products can sometimes be a gamble; both with the effectiveness of the scar treatment cream as well as the side effects of some of the ingredients.  As these can be expensive products you'd want to make an informed decision and make sure that the scar treatment products are safe for using on your face.

Meladerm is probably the leading skin lightening cream on the market today.  This is a product that has been shown to be effective at both lightening the skin and reducing scarring caused by acne.  The big drawback about Melader is that it's quite expensive.  The product uses all natural ingredients such as: Kojic Acid, Alpha Arbutin, Mulberry extract, Bearberry extract, licorice extract and lemon juice extract.  These products are safe for use on sensitive areas like your face but they're also expensive ingredients that end up driving up the price.

Mederma is another skin lightening product that is well known for scar treatment and stretch mark reduction. It's also an expensive product which has been fairly effective for most people; however, there have been numerous reports of side effects from using Mederma. As it turns out, Mederma uses a micro-abrasion technique in addition to natural ingredients. Some people have an allergic reaction to the abrasive technology that can lead to things like itching and flaking skin. Also, if Mederma isn't applied correctly the micro-crystals won't be absorbed and will end up irritating your skin until they can be washed off.

MenScience pigmentation repair formula is a skin repair product that uses many of the same natural ingredients as Meladerm: Kojic Acid, Mulberry, Ascorbic Acid (lemon juice). It has been reported as being effective in reducing scars and repairing skin (which is a vague and subjective term). Because it uses natural skin lightening ingredients, MenScience is safe to use on the face and back. Even though this says it's specifically designed for men, it uses many of the same ingredients as regular skin products, it's effective in treating acne scars and it is cheaper compared to both Meladerm and Mederma. If you don't mind smelling like a guy, this skin cream could be used by either sex.

Whichever product you choose to use, make sure that it does not contain hydroquinone. This is a chemical that is in many skin lightening creams that has been shown to increase the chances of skin and liver problems as well as some types of cancer. This ingredient is usually found in cheap skin lightening creams as it's a chemical that's been highly commoditized.

One thing that you should beware of when using any of these products is that they can be rough on your skin and may make current acne worse. If you're concerned about this you can test it on a small area to see how the skin reacts. This issue shouldn't be an issue for older scars.

Also, it's important to use sunscreen when treating acne scars with skin lightening creams. The skin will be sensitized by the chemicals and vulnerable to the sun and the effects of UV rays.


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    • profile image

      littlemissbree 6 years ago

      I tried a lot of home remedies for acne scars, but none worked, so I switched to topical treatment. I have a lot of acne scars, and I've been wanting to get rid of them forever. Among all the stuff I've tried, the only product that worked was Whiterderm (no hydroquinone, which was a relief). Now the scars are almost unnoticeable.

    • profile image

      Maria 6 years ago

      i use Metaderm cream for my acne scars. a friend suggested it to me. sometimes i incorporate natural remedies for faster result. i also believe that although you have the best treatment, you should not forget preventive measures like sunblocks, etc. otherwise, all treatment will be in vain.

    • profile image

      Ashley 7 years ago

      I use lemon soap and black soap by Diana Stalder for my pimple scars. The lemon soap can be strong and harsh sometimes, so I think the black soap is better.

      And I agree about the sunscreen. It's very important to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.