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Skin Tag Removers & Skin Tag Removal

Updated on May 6, 2011

Skin Tag removers are a plenty... There is no reason to suffer the embarrassment and low self esteem brought on by unsightly skin tags, moles or warts. What follows is a true account from my close friend, Joey C who personally suffers from skin tags and has tried all sorts of skin tag removal methods and finally has found success. Please read on...

I finally through n the towel on all skin tag removers until one very embarrassing encounter that may have cost me my future............

It happened in a recent job interview. I was meeting with owner of the company I was interviewing for. He was a nice enough guy and I thought for sure I would get the job. One thing I did notice while he was talking to me was his eyes kept wandering from eye to eye contact to the side of my head, almost over my left shoulder. I turned around to see what he was looking at but there was nothing out of the ordinary there. Nonetheless his eyes kept drifting from mine as we talked to that invisible distraction over my left shoulder.

The interview ended and though I thought it went really well, the owner of the company ended with the closing line; "We'll be in touch.” I thought there was still a chance....

When I got home from the interview I took a long look at myself to see if there was anything about my appearance that could have thrown this guy off... I looked pretty good that day....but then it hit me.... That huge skin tag on my left temple was the object of so much attention in my interview. I was sure of it... This gay was fixed on the big ole nasty skin tag on my face and that was all he was thinking of. But really.... not get hired for a little cosmetic imperfection??? No way!

I was still confident that I had the new job and that they were going to call me when the interviews were all finished....

Well they never did call and my attempts to reach out to them were met with.... “Sorry, the position had been filled". UG!

NO WONDER I didn't get the job! (I would never know if that was the real reason).

I felt like crap now more than ever.... I was well aware that I had this skin tag on my face and just figured I would deal with it by avoiding or putting off having it removed.... BUT what had that cost me financially and what damage had it done to my future..... I was sick to my stomach. I had skin tags and moles all over my body but only that one that stood out there for everyone to see.

I began to scour the internet looking for cheap natural skin tag removers and skin tag removal methods. I found a great product that fit both of those requirements and I highly recommend it to anyone needing to remove moles, skin tags or warts.

This product is fast, natural, inexpensive and best of WORKS.... See what my friend Dr. Charlie has to say here: Skin Tag Removal Tell Him - Joey sent you!


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