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Facts about Best Skin Whitening Products - (bleaching soap)

Updated on March 2, 2011

More and more women are buying skin whitening products   and have been using them on a daily basis. Typically, these skin whitening products are packaged in various forms such as creams, lotions, soap, moisturizers, face wash, toner, bleach, and even pills. As a result, cosmetic manufacturers makes billions of sales thanks to millions of women buying these products.

The main reason for women's patronage of this product is that they all want to have brighter and clearer complexion. A great composition of women population using skin whitening products come from Asian countries or any country that has a hot climate. Society has placed expectations on people people that having whiter skin equals to better social mileage.
There's a large selection of skin whitening products to choose from but women must know what is the right type for their skin..

Skin Whitening Products
Skin Whitening Products

Bleaching solutions

These are one of the oldest type of skin whitening products that were made availbale in the market since the 70s. Bleaching solutions is a complete package with all ingredients included such as soap chips, powder and hydrogen peroxide. It's very easy to use , just mix them , apply on the skin, and leave for a few minutes. After washing the solution from the skin, the skin is becomes lighter. However, the product should be used once or twice a week only..

Glutathione pills

One of the hottest skin whitening product that's making waves in the market today are L-glutathione pills that not only whiten skin but act as excellent anti-oxidants too. Although these pills were really considered as health supplements, their side-effect which is skin whitening is highly prized by women worldwide. Usually, glutathione pills can be bought over-the-counter and taken with Vitamin C to enhance its effect. It's now considered a top-seller since women derive health benefits as well as fairer skin from this product.

Topical solutions- soap and lotions

Among skin whitening products, these are considered most affordable and accessible. Anybody can freely choose from a variety of skin whitening soap, lotions, creams and even facial wash. Such products contain AHA, licorice or fruit extracts that naturally brings fairer complexion. There are some famous brands that are expensive (usually designer brands) while others are latest products that are considered mild even for daily use. The good thing about these products is that they can fit anyone's budget.

While it is confusing indeed to choose from among a wide selection of skin whitening products, knowing one's skin tone and budget could help you decide on a product.


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    • HubMania profile image

      HubMania 7 years ago from India

      Thanks for your comments hospitalera & jeanie.stecher

    • hospitalera profile image

      hospitalera 7 years ago

      Why would you want to whiten your skin in the first place? A lot of people pay $$$ to get a nice tan! SY

    • jeanie.stecher profile image

      jeanie.stecher 7 years ago from Seattle

      Try using milk for a bath. It really works. And I can attest to that.