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Skin cleaning - Steps to Follow

Updated on May 22, 2013
Skin cleaning
Skin cleaning


Daily skin cleaning, in the morning and before bedtime, is considered a basic care. In the morning to release the surface of the skin of excess secretions produced actively during the sleep (sweat and fat) and at night to clear all the elements coming from the external environment (dust, makeup, etc.).

Exfoliation is a natural way that skin finds to remove dead cells, however it is necessary to help "nature" a little ... The cycle of skin renewal occurs between 20 to 27 days when you're young and decreases with age. With all the daily aggressions as sun, pollution, etc. - the cells multiply as a form of defense, making the skin thicker.

It is therefore advisable to do a (full) skin clean, periodically: 3 in 3 weeks when you're younger and once a week for older persons.

Steps you should take for an effective mini-facial:

1 - Clean the face with Cleansing Milk

2 - Application of Peeling / Scrub (to remove dead cells and impurities in depth). Apply on clean moist skin a good layer. Then massage in circular moves with your hands or body brush throughout the area of the face, especially in the creases of the skin where they accumulate more impurities (excluding the eye contour).

3 - Remove Peeling - Peel and remove all the impurities with warm water and clean the skin again with Cleansing Milk.

4 - Application of Moisture Mask (indispensable after a Peeling). Apply a good layer across the face - no massage - let it penetrate the skin and act for 15-20 minutes.

5 - Remove Mask - Remove the mask with warm water and clean the skin again with Cleansing Milk. Tone the entire face with facial tonic!

6 - Finishing / Applying Moisturizer - Apply the Moisturizer / Day Cream indicated for your type of skin. Massage the face until the cream penetrates the skin.


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