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Skincare 104: My Daily Skin Care Regimen

Updated on October 7, 2015

Regimen Basics: Why Have One?

Fun Fact – Your skin slows up on its production of collagen at the age of 25.. so yes you should be treating your skin correctly and carefully every day even if you don’t have wrinkles yet! If you’re young this does not mean that you are invincible and that the future/gravity will not affect you until a much later age – unfortunately it is affecting you now! Every day you spend preventing skin damage and exposure to harmful ingredients is a day that you’ll look better in the future.

Although the way that a person ages has a direct connection with that person’s genetics, 70% of improvement often is a result of your daily skin care regimen.

So here it is people:

My Skincare Regimen:





Moisturizer - Day Cream with SPF

Eye Cream


Coconut Oil to Remove Eye Makeup




Moisturizer – Night Cream with SPF

Eye Cream

Weekly: Exfoliate

Monthly: Apply a Face Mask in the Shower

Working on: Dry Brushing the Skin on my Body

You may be skeptical thinking, “does anyone actually do all of these things”, isn’t that “expensive?” and “who has time”? The truth is this: If you care at all about your outward appearance or health, its so worth it to take a couple extra minutes every day to ensure you are doing everything you can to have healthy, glowing skin for years to come. Following the steps of this regimen is like setting up an amazing retirement plan for your face. I practice my regimen right after I shower in the morning, and right after I brush my teeth at night. It is simply something I always do – I feel dirty if I don’t wash my face and I feel dry if I don’t moisturize, my skin is addicted!


What Every Step Actually Does:


Cleanser – Use a very small amount and lather with warm water. Washes away all of the dirt and bad bacteria in the pores, leaving the face refreshed and supple.

Toner – Many toners come in a spray/mist type of bottle, just close your eyes and squirt away! Toners close up pores and tightens the skin.

Serum – A deeply penetrative light weight liquid that absorbs deeply into the skin and boosts college production and skin cell renewal. Many serums can even help reduce scar tissue and pitting in people’s faces that have had severe acne or surgery on their facial tissue.

Moisturizer - Day Cream with SPF – Protects the skin from harmful free radicals and keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day.

Eye Cream – Targets the thin skin around the eyes that is most susceptible to early sagging and wrinkling due to its delicate and over abused nature. (apply with ring finger as there is the least amount of muscles in the tip of this finger, making it the most soft and gentle means of application).


Makeup Remover -Coconut oil for eye makeup– Scoop out a tiny amount, enough to cover the tip of my pointer finger – smear all over eyelids, rinse off with warm water. Great for your eyelashes! A tin of coconut oil also has no chemicals and lasts forever! This is an amazing alternative to the range of expensive, chemical ridden, ineffective makeup removers I’ve tried.

Cleanser – Same as morning cleanser.

Toner – Same as morning toner.

Serum – Same as morning serum.

Moisturizer – Night Cream – This heavy cream is absorbed deeply into your skin as you sleep. When you sleep, you sweat and your pores open up, allowing this rich cream to sink deep into your facial tissue and help repair skin and boost college production.

Eye Cream – Same as morning eye cream

Weekly: Exfoliate skin twice every week – Exfoliating the skin is so important! Using a fine exfoliating cream or wash rids your face/body of dead skin cells, relieving it of dead pore clogging partials all-the-while kick starting your bodies’ natural toxin removal system.

Monthly: Apply a face mask in the shower every other week – Face masks are so fun because there are a number of different ones that target different needs. I use one in the shower (leave it on for 5 minutes and rinse off) that focuses on refining skin pores, but you can also use masks that increase skin hydration, diminish fine lines, even skin’s surface, and firm everything up. Read up more on the beauty of face masks here.

**Working on: Dry Brushing skin on body (what the heck is skin brushing? .. read up on this magical routine here)

Common FAQs and Answers:

“Does anyone actually do all of these things every day?” – the answer is absolutely yes! You can read all over the internet about skincare junkies that do even more than I do every day. Everyone from celebrities to stay at home mommies have addictions to extensive skin care regimens. Who doesn’t want to look like a hottie in their old age? Believe me, this goal is not reserved for the rich and famous alone.

‘Isn’t that “expensive?” – Truthfully, the price of all these products can add up fast, BUT, if you know what ingredients you are looking for and do some research on the brands you are interested in purchasing, you will find that some of the most inexpensive products have almost an identical list of ingredients to the really high priced nicely packaged product. There are also health and beauty conscious bloggers all over the internet who formulate healthy moisturizers, face masks, cleansers, etc! Just get creative – you’ll have more fun with this than if you just go to La Mer and splurge on their newest tin of empty promises.

“Who has time?” – Time to get real.. how much time do you spend laying in bed, hitting snooze in the morning? How much TV you be watchin’? The list of time wasting habits we develop are endless. Time to start some good habits! It takes me 2-3 minutes morning and night to cleanse, tone, and moisturize with my 5 step regimen.. that is not a lot of time at all!

Basically you have no justifiable reason to put skin care on the back burner!! Just go for it and you will be so happy you started when you did J

In my next post I will highlight my favorite brands that I use daily so stay posted.


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