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Skincare Myths You Should Dump

Updated on July 20, 2018
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Crystal Concepts is a hub written and managed by a certified yoga and Pilates teacher with a Diploma in Exercises and Sports Science.

Over the years, many people's routines and eating habits have been affected by these skincare myths. Most of these myths came from hearsay and perhaps some observations made by beauty conscious ladies who did some experiments. Here are some myths that you should watch out for:

Cucumber and Under Eye Puffiness

A lot of people believe that putting some cucumber on your eyes would reduce puffiness and give you a refreshed look. The cucumber, however, is made up of water and inert fiber and does not really do anything to the skin. It reduces the swelling under your eyes because it is cold. YES! This trick doesn't work if the cucumber that you use doesn't come from the refrigerator.

Putting a washcloth soaked in cold water or a cool eye mask can be as effective in reducing the swelling by constricting the blood vessels under your eyes, decreasing the flow of fluid into soft tissues.

Chocolate Causes Acne

This is false. Acne is not caused by the things that we take in. It occurs when a gland sheds cells that are stuck together, stopping the oil from coming out of our pores and inflaming the skin. Stress can cause this to happen. Perhaps many people thought that eating chocolates was the cause of acne because we do pack up on a lot of chocolates and greasy comfort foods when we are stressed out. Another cause of acne is the use of certain kinds of face creams that can block our pores.

Facial Exercises Tone Muscles

Yes, this is not true! Doing facial exercises will pull the skin, causing more lines to appear. Unlike other muscles in our body that are attached to the skin with the help of ligaments, facial muscles are directly attached to the skin. For this reason, constantly tugging your chin can quicken the appearance of sagging and lines.

Get Rid of the Little Bits With Cellulite Cream

One of the biggest worries of women is the appearance of cellulite on their body. Mostly found on thighs, arms and legs, getting rid of these bumps has been every woman's wish. Although there are many treatments available in the market, one must be careful when choosing an option. Using cellulite cream is one of the least expensive means of getting rid of cellulite. It may sound like a blessing to most women but the unfortunate truth is that they do not work. There is, however, a medical device that can re-contour the skin by using radio frequency and light energies. The only downside is that the treatment is quite expensive.

Wrinkles can go away.

Aging gracefully doesn't mean that using a bunch of beauty creams would make your wrinkles go away. The aging process cannot be avoided. It can, however, be slowed down or made less hideous with the use of these beauty products.

Just because it says it has collagen does not mean it will make your wrinkles disappear.

The fibrous protein structure that keeps our skin from sagging is called collagen. This structure is created by the body by putting together amino acid units into long strings.

Lately, there has been an increase in collagen products in the market, from collagen-infused creams and masks to snacks and drinks that contain collagen. Although a couple of studies have indicated that collagen does have an effect on skin elasticity, filling up on these products may not necessarily be beneficial as a skincare regiment.

Firstly, the few odd studies done on the ingestion and application of this protein lack repetition, therefore they are not enough to support the conclusion that collagen can tighten your skin.

Secondly, collagen, being a chain of amino acids, is a very big molecule, way bigger than your skin pores, so it does not really permeate your skin to reinforce its existing framework. Although a fragmented version called hydrolysed collagen has been created and can enter the skin pores, the particles maybe too tiny to be integrated into the framework and can be rejected through lymphatic drainage.

In terms of ingested collagen, one must be aware that whatever you ingest is broken down to form proteins. Now, how is it not possible that this cannot be found in the meat products that you are already eating.

Finally, you should also consider that the amount of collagen in some of the products that you ingest may not even be a big amount. Worse, if the product has a bigger amount of refined sugar and salt, you might actually be damaging your skin.

So, before purchasing these products, make sure that you do a bit of reading and go through objective reviews of consumers as well as checking the content of the product.

Sometimes, these skincare myths can do more harm on our face than good. So, be sure to contact your dermatologists before following any new skincare instructions.

© 2007 Shanti Rose


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      11 years ago

      Cucumbers do contain a chemical that reduces swelling


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