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Skinny Skirts and Skinny Women

Updated on October 18, 2009
What many women think looks good...
What many women think looks good...
What many men want to see...
What many men want to see...

Skinny skirts, ie, skirts which conform snugly to the curves of the body are a bit of a sticky issue. Why? Well because these skirts are designed purely to hobble the female whilst making the most of her natural curves. That's why they are so tight and bunch in at the knees like a pair of fancy leg manacles. When combined with high heels, a woman becomes a virtual prisoner of her own clothing, tottering about the place barely balanced and always in near danger of falling over.

Many men like the idea of wearing these allegedly feminine pieces of attire, and if you're willing to undergo the rigors of learning to walk from the knees down, I say go for it. On the other hand, if a corset for your thighs sounds like your idea of a pretty hell, then I am with you all the way. Some female fashions are creations of pure beauty, flowing celebrations of womanhood, but others are creations of Machiavellian fashion designers who know that women will buy anything that might make them look more attractive than other women.

That's right, women are in a constant battle to look better than other women. That's why you can sell a woman a magazine with emaciated skeletons selling clothes on the front of it, whereas men buy magazines in which the women look closer to real women.

The fashion industry is often accused of using models which are too skinny and making little girls feel bad about the way they look and giving them eating disorders, but fashion magazine editors have one agenda, and one agenda only. It may shock many men and women to learn this, but the primary goal of the fashion industry isn't to give the entire world an eating disorder, it is to sell clothing and magazines.

Women will buy more magazines when the cover girl has been denied carbohydrates for a year than when a naturally bountiful woman is on the cover. That's simply a fact. But we don't like to blame ourselves for being shallow to the point where we torment ourselves with photo shopped images of women who never were, so we blame the nebulous fashion industry for the problem. Industries serve consumers, not the other way around. Advertising isn't so powerful that it can make you want things you don't want, all it does is tap into your preconceived notions and insecurities. A magazine can't make you feel fat, but you can.

In spite of the fact that time and time again, it is proved that men prefer a fit female form than a overly skinny one, that they look for markers of health like clear skin, shiny hair and appropriate curve ratios in women, many women have decided that they won't look good until they're a size 0 (whatever mathematically impossible notion that is, surely a size 0 should not be able to exist in the real world?)

It's not the fashion industry that's stupid, we are. The good news, is that whilst you can't ostensibly change the fashion industry, you can change the way you feel about you. And whether you're male or female, it's okay to be you.


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