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Skinny Ties for Men: Yes or No?

Updated on December 30, 2017

The Four-in-Hand Knot


Skinny is in Style

Neckties for men, like skirt lengths for women, change from decade to decade. While the conservative choice is generally in the middle widths, a man can update his wardrobe with a skinny tie--at least until ties go wide again!

Skinny ties in solid colors can still go to work in all but the most conservative environments. They are a great way to keep casual Fridays from turning into “look like I don’t care” Fridays at the office. These ties can also look good on rock bands, school boys, and young men on dates.

Be sure everything you wear with a skinny tie is proportional. Really big men will make a skinny tie look skimpy--so don’t go too narrow if you have a broad chest. Smaller collars and smaller knots go with skinny ties. Try a half-Windsor or a four-in-hand knot--and feel free to knot it loosely for a casual look.

Ladies might have some fun with a skinny tie, too. Tie it loosely to wear with a blouse or wear it untied like a skinny scarf.

Make Skinny Ties

You can knit or crochet a skinny tie easily with a single skein of yarn. Don't use heavy worsted yarn, but try sport yarn or #3 crochet cotton (e.g. Speed-Cro-Sheen) for a tie that is comparable to the knit ties sold in retail stores.

SeeKateSew has a wonderful pattern and tutorial for those who want to sew a skinny tie. Use leftover fabric from a prom dress for a perfect match with your date, or sew enough for all the ushers at a wedding.

Convert a commercial sewing pattern for a wide necktie by cutting the tissue pieces down the middle and overlapping to make a narrower tie. Then redraw the points at the ends, cut and sew as usual.

Ties are Fun and Fast to Crochet


Skinny Tie Knit in Bernat Cottonish Yarn

Free Pattern for Narrow Tie in Seed Stitch
Free Pattern for Narrow Tie in Seed Stitch | Source

The Half-Windsor Knot Demonstrated

Skinny Tie Poll

Would you wear a skinny tie?

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The Four-in-Hand Knot Demonstrated


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