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Skinny Tight Jeans May Be A Hazard To Your Health

Updated on June 23, 2015
Skinny Jeans
Skinny Jeans
They are difficult to put on!
They are difficult to put on!

Skinny tight jeans are mainly a fashion for women and some men. They are made in such a manner that the leg hem is taken in much further making just putting them on a chore, of sorts. They are not new to fashion. Back in the late sixties, Levis had men's stretch jeans mainly targeting teens. The material was not denim but a fabric that stretched as you put them on and once on, fit tight. Of course, many guys would simply peg (take in the existing hem along the leg) for a tight fit, assuming they could sew, LOL.

Today, skinny jeans are a reinvented material made of denim, not the sixties stretch material, and therefore, there is not much give. Today's skinny jeans are as tight as they were way back then, but because the material is not "giving", health issues are surfacing.

A 35-year old woman in Australia was hospitalized for four days after she wore skinny tight jeans for a long period of time, during which time, she squatted moving boxes and bended over many times. As time went on, her feet started to get numb as she walked home. She never made it to the front door as she fell unable to use her legs. Her leg muscles ached and swelled. Friends found her and rushed her to the hospital where doctors found severe nerve and muscle damage. Doctors attributed the damage to skinny jeans being too tight in the groin area and as she squatted, the blood flow was very restricted to the legs in general. The woman recovered after spending four days in the hospital but she still required help as she walked. Another woman who took a 9-hour flight to Kenya and wore new skinny jeans deeply regretted it. As the flight wore on, the blood circulation to her legs diminished until her feet and legs swelled with pain, To combat this, she unbutton them at the waist but that did not help. The pant legs were compressing too tightly her leg muscles that cut blood flow. Her legs became itchy. She endured the pain and luckily changed in the restroom into loose pants.

Embarrassed and shocked, the woman said she will be more careful when she wears skinny tight jeans. Who would have thought jeans could be a danger to your health?


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