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Skyfall Brings New Trend on Sunglasses

Updated on February 5, 2013

Welcome Skyfall, the latest 007 film. We know for sure what we can expect from James Bond. It ranges from the latest outfits, accessories and the whole fashion matters from James Bond and the gorgeous ladies around him. We will be delivered through some big cities like London, Istanbul, Shanghai, Scotland as Daniel Craig casts as James Bond. Check out on one of the new trend on Bond’s glasses. It is the Tom Ford 144 Marko sunglasses that match perfect with the Tom Ford's design outfit. The sunglasses will become a new trend as it features Blue Polarized Lens and silver temples.

What makes the Tom Ford 144 Marko special? This is basically similar with the previous James Bond’s TF 108 sunglasses. But, if you are really a fashion fanatic, you will notice that the TF 144 Marko is much more fashionable with its aviator shape. Still, Bond looks more casual yet fashionable with the new pair of sunglasses.

'Skyfall', the 23rd sequel of James Bond, the most surviving film through decades will emphasize on the trip of Daniel Craig who is now casting as the third time as the main hero. The same genre through decades remains as the most wanted movie in which its action-adventure remains as the main appeal. Just check out of the beautiful cities other than London as the main scene for the whole movie. You can also witness see the beauty of Istanbul and Shanghai after seeing the charm of Europe which is represented on some scenes featuring Scotland’s beautiful venues.

Get on! You surely do not want to miss the latest James Bond trend.


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