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The Best Sleeve Tattoo Ideas Are Created Not Bought

Updated on October 30, 2009

The Best Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

It seems like more and more tattoo enthusiast and body art junkies are flocking to get sleeve tattoo designs.  The only problem is a lot of people that want a sleeve tattoo are really not sure what to do for the design.  Coming up with a great sleeve tattoo ideas can be difficult and often times frustrating.  However, it does not have to be this way and instead of being frustrated it can be enjoyable.  Here are some places to get ideas for sleeve tattoos.

Great Female Half Sleeve Tattoo Design

Sleeve Tattoo Ideas Continued....

A Journey Not A Destination

It is kind of a funny thing in life that the harder you try often the quicker you fail especially with something that is creative and artistic like tattoo designs.  What I mean by that is the more worried and locked into finding the perfect design you feel the less you will be able to come up with something creative and unique.  After a while you start to focus only on the fact that you don’t have an idea and that become the reality.  So instead of trying to hard to come up with the one ultimate idea that will work for your sleeve tattoo ideas and design instead look at it as a journey. 

I read a bumper sticker the other day on a Jeep that was stopped next to me at a red light and it really applies here.  It stated, “Real Jeeps Are Created Not Bought”.  I am pretty sure the owner felt that you can’t just go and buy a “real Jeep” at the store but instead you buy it and then trick it and modify it to fit your four wheeling needs right?  Well a tattoo design be it a sleeve tattoo or any other design is much the same way.  Sure you can go and get a tattoo using some flash or stock images but are you really going to be satisfied with it?  I propose that real tattoos are also created or made and not just bought in a drunken night out with the boys.  So relax about the final end design and enjoy the journey and the creative process.  Once you let go and se it as a journey you will come up with a ton of great ideas.

Think Of A Theme

One of the first things that can really help is to devise some type of theme that you want.  Try to think about what you hold as important to you and your life and what do you want others to know about you.  Are you exceptionally honest and want people to know that or do you have some talent you would like to share with others?  Whatever feeling, emotion or value that you hold as important in your life might make a great tattoo design.  This can often be created into a theme. 

Find The Symbolism

Once you have some general ideas about a theme you might want to portray in your design then you can start searching out symbols that fit with that.  If you are looking for strength, power you might choose a Koi fish design.  If you are looking for something that represents change in your life then you might choose a butterfly.  You get the point you can match the image and design through the symbolism.  This way you can portray what your thoughts or feelings through your design.

Gather Resources

Once you have a few ideas for symbols that you want to incorporate into your tattoo design then you can start to look for tattoos with those designs in theme.  It is not that you will simply copy what others have done.  Instead collect images you like and then work from them to build your own unique tattoo design.

The best sleeve tattoo ideas come from within you and it is a creative process.  Sure some guys just like to go and get a tattoo full of skulls and scary things to look tough.  However these days with so many people getting tattoos it is much better to spend some time and thought and get something that is unique and different.

Great Sleeve Tattoo Ideas Gallery And Pics

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From: female sleeve tattoo for girls
Great female sleeve tattoo for girls
Great female sleeve tattoo for girls

Great Koi Fish Half Sleeve Tattoo Design And Ideas


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    • profile image

      shawnwiggidy 4 years ago

      definitely helped me out, now im actually looking at it as a journey and its a lot more fun and easier

    • profile image

      Brandon Pool 5 years ago

      It's still so harddd haha

    • profile image

      James Rufus 6 years ago

      Great advise, thank so much. Because of this advise im finding the process much easier.


    • TattooKitty profile image

      TattooKitty 6 years ago from Hawaii

      Great hub! Very useful for those ready to ink!