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Slim T Slimming Tees For Men

Updated on November 17, 2010

Slim T Slimming Tee Shirts

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Slim TSlim Ts for MenSlim T Slimming Tee Shirts
Slim T
Slim T
Slim Ts for Men
Slim Ts for Men
Slim T Slimming Tee Shirts
Slim T Slimming Tee Shirts

Slim T Slimming Tees For Men

The Slim T, and slimming tees for men, are products whose time has truly come. Men's slimming undergarments were not something you talked about publicly even just a few years ago but times have changed and so has men's fashion.

As men age they typically have the same drooping and sagging problems women complain about but just in different places. And now there is something you can do about it. Just because Seinfeld devoted an entire episode to lampooning the process of developing a hot selling slimming undergarment for men, it doesn't necessarily mean the issue is something to laugh at. Men want to look great and look that way with as little effort as possible.

So,the Slim T is a product for today's men and really fits the bill for a smash As Seen On TV product. For a TV product to be a hit it has to satisfy a few basic parameters. A lot of people feel like marketing success is just luck, but the direct response world has a formula and if a product fits it, then they will take a chance on it.

Slim T As Seen On TV

Let's wait a moment to talk about what Slim T actually is and focus on why a direct response marketing team would be interested in it. First, any great as seen on TV product must create a simple solution to a common problem. Whatever problem someone is having, they want it solved with immediate gratification. Next, it has to appeal to the masses in order to command the type of investment it takes to launch a television marketing campaign. Then, it must be affordable. Marketers want mark up and profit so the successful products must be produced inexpensively. And last but not least it has to have a WoW factor. The product has to impress upon people that if they buy one, they will get the results promised in the ads.

Very few products have all these characteristics, but the ones that do, are often very successful. Slim Ts have all of the requirements needed to create a smash and by the looks of things they are right on schedule. Let's take a look at the Slim Ts Slimming Tee Shirts commercial so you can see exactly what I'm talking about.

Slim Ts Commercial

Slim Ts Reviews

If you watched the ad you should definitely be able to see the appeal. First, men have a problem that is not so easily solved with diet and exercise, but can be somewhat remedied with the Slim T. Second it has that mass appeal I mentioned above. There are a lot of fat guys in the United States. Third, the slim t is very affordable. At around $20 it is at a price point that will tempt a lot of consumers. Buying a fitted stretch tee at a department store will run about $25 for anything well made so the slim T is a bargain. And last but not least, I would say that the Slim T has that wow factor. If putting one on really makes you look slimmer and in better shape, then using this product could be life changing for some people.

As for the Slim T itself, it is surprisingly comfortable. I followed the advice on the web site to order 1 size smaller than I usually wear and after getting used to the feeling of the support, I immediately understood that the tight fit was not going to restrict me in any way. I was expecting to sweat a bit more but it was nothing like the tight workout clothes designed to help you shed water. The slim T feels light and airy and won't act like a Belly Burner which is designed specifically to raise your core temperature to help increase calorie burning.

I have to say that I have never liked tank top undergarments and was pretty upset that these were not offered in a traditional Tee but I'm getting used to the design and I see that having a tee shaped Slim T wouldn't any benefit to the shirt. As long as you order the correct size for yourself you will be able to see that each of the little structure plates have a specific purpose. Some are there to lift, some to tighten and some to support and they pretty much seem to be in the places we all wish we had a little more muscle.

I would describe wearing the Slim T as feeling like I'm wearing a little armor under my shirt. You definitely feel its presence and support but it is in no way uncomfortable. I was not happy to see the criss cross design on the back because it really made me think that I was putting on a man bra but it provides really comfortable support and really helps the man boobs.

I should warn all the single guys out there that if you wear a Slim T and somewhere down the line you have to reveal what's under your shirt, you better have a great story lined up because the Slim T will definitely hide your problems but will not solve them. So when you order Slim Ts, get inspired to get in shape and strive for the figure you get while wearing this product. It's like being the before picture and then getting to instantly see what the after picture will be if you put in the effort.


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    • profile image

      Tim Burch 

      8 years ago

      I ordered these tees and paid an extra 15.94 for 5 -7 day shipping. That was on September 29th 2010 and still not here!

    • profile image

      ryan neely 

      8 years ago

      I didn't do too much research except watching the video and reading the above text, but wanted to know other forms of payment cause I have no card. Also wanted a recommendation for what size i would need to order... 6'3" 200lbs but have a good tire accompanied with love handles and man boobs in single T's. Medium? Or maybe 1 large 1 medium?


      Ryan Neely


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