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Slipper Boots

Updated on November 5, 2009

If you are looking for the perfect footwear to use indoors when it is cold then slipper boots might be the answer for you. A slipper boots is just what it sounds like. They are slippers that extend up over the ankle so that they look like boots. This unique footwear incorporates elements of both slippers and boots which make them perfect for many occasions. They are fast becoming a big part of the ladies fashion boots industry.

The slipper attributes that are brought to the table are texture, comfort, material, and how easy they are to put on. Slippers are usually made of a very soft material like wool, suede leather, or acrylic knit so they look and fell inviting. In addition to the outside material, slippers and slipper boots are often lined with an addition layer of comfort. Common linings are sheepskin and fleece. These materials are not only comfortable to wear, but keep the feet extremely warm. Sheepskin slipper boots are among the most popular. People often put on slippers in the morning or during the night when they need to run to the bathroom and they want to protect their feet from cold floors and drafts. The lining is very plush and provides a very comfortable and soft cradle for the foot. Because they are put on in a hurry or first thing in the morning, they need to be easy to put on. Even though they are boots, the part of slipper boots that covers the ankle and lower leg is usually very soft and flexible which makes them easy to put on. Unlike regular boots, there are no zippers or tight fits to worry about. The upper part of the shoe is often loose and elastic so that they can stretch while you are putting them on and then go back to their original shape.

The boot attributes that slipper boots utilize are the high sides and sturdy bottoms. When you think of slippers you probably picture a slip on shoe that only covers your foot. The slipper boots come up over your ankle and not only keep your feet warm, but also your ankles and lower legs. You can find this type of footwear in a wide variety of heights. Some boot slippers only cover the ankle while others go up as high as the knee. Slippers are often very slippery on wood or tile floors because they are not sturdy shoes. A boot feature brought to these unusual shoes is a sturdy bottom with slip-resistant soles or soles made of rubber or some other material that gives good traction. While they are not meant for heavy use, you could even wear slipper boots outside if they do not get wet. The picture of furry slipper boots above shows the sturdy bottom well as well as the soft materials.

As I said above, slipper boots are not really meant to be worn outside, but some brands have taken this concept and made real shoes out of it. A very popular brand is Ugg. Uggs are a cultural phenomenon that took the concept of a slipper boot and adjusted the footwear so that they could be worn in all kinds of weather and conditions. Ugg boots are now essential ladies boots that almost every woman has in her closet. Since they are meant to be worn at all times, you really can not call them slipper boots, but the idea that inspired them is the same. Uggs are not the only option out there, especially for slipper boots on sale. One very popular type of slipper noot is the moccasin boot. You can also purchase slippers boots at many outlets including Old Navy and Gap. There are slipper boots for men, slipper boots for kids and ladies slipper boots as well. Everyone in the family can enjoy this fabulous footwear.

Slipper Boots Make a Comeback

Just when you thought slipper boots might be going out of style, there is a new brand on the market that has caught the eye of many a celebrity.  Emu boots made in Australia are fury lined sheepskin boots that are very warm.  Stars and other east coasters are wearing them more and more as the cold weather hits.  I do not see much of a difference between Emu boots and Ugg boots, but I guess because the Emu boots are newer they are more popular right now.  There is also a slight difference in that the Emu boots pictured to the right have a small slit on the side so it is easier to see the wool lining.  Ugg boots usually have a straight cut across the top and it is not as easy to see the lining.  Also, I do not think the lining is as plush as it is with the Emu boots.  Emu boots retail for anywhere from $120 to $160 depending on the style and the cut.  Even though I like them, I don't think I would pay that kin dof money for them since I can get something similar for a lot less.


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    • profile image

      Rose 4 years ago

      I love these.Would you walk in a matched sqoadrun? Have opposing tanks?In fact, that's made me wonder what opponents they have. Lets face it, german tanks of WWII were pretty superior to their opponents. 'vorsprung durch technik', as they say. I pity the poor family member who strolls in with his Sherman slippers, with their puny gun, and finds himself toe-to-toe with a couple of General Guderian's Tigers.

    • profile image

      bethany  7 years ago

      wow nice boots lol