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Small Dainty Butterfly Tattoos

Updated on July 31, 2015

Small Tattoos for Women

Small tattoos are extremely popular no matter what the design. Many people like having something small that can be shown off in the warmer months. One of the most popular tattoo designs among women is the butterfly.

Butterfly tattoo designs vary by design, color, and size. A lot of people get their butterflies filled with color, especially vibrant colors. Although others prefer black, shaded butterflies. In general, butterflies are a favorite for their dainty appearance and the ability to modify them to look however you want.

The other thing that is nice about small tattoos is being able to cover them up depending upon where on the body it is located. It is good to do that because we tend not to think of that until after getting a tattoo when it's to late.

Cute Small Butterfly Tattoo

Unique Small Butterfly Tattoo

Cute Butterfly Tattoos

unique small 3D butterfly tattoo


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