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Unique Small Dragon Tattoos

Updated on July 7, 2015

Dragon tattoos are very mainstream. A lot of people like the look of the dragon. Mainly men get them, but this is not always the case. It has become quite common for women to get dragon tattoos as well. Dragon tattoos are considered a unisex tattoo. What's nice about the dragon is there is a massive variety to choose from. Some people prefer smaller dragon tattoos which look really neat. Others like larger dragons which definitely make a bold statement. It's also common to have fire coming out of the dragons mouth, or even have dragon surrounding the dragon, whether large or small. There is a lot of neat accents that can be added to a dragon tattoo. Another design that is extremely popular with dragons is a tribal dragon, these are very unique.

Small Dragon Tattoo

Cool Small Dragon Tattoo

Neat Small Dragon Tattoo

Different Small Dragon Tattoo

Unique Small Dragon Tattoos

Small Dragon Tattoos


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