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Smart Liposuction Guide

Updated on January 27, 2013

Introduction to Smart Liposuction

When people talk about "smart liposuction," it can be hard to figure out what exactly they are referring to. Sometimes this term is completely interchangeable with laser liposuction. Other times it is referring to a very specific laser cosmetic treatment. Either way, the options that come up when searching for smart liposuction give potential patients many choices.  This form of cosmetic surgery is going to be popular because recent advances in the field have made this a very low impact form of plastic surgery.  While the prices are often slightly higher for this type of procedure as opposed to another form of lipo, the other benefits of going with the "SMART" techniques are often enough that consumers consider the extra little bit well worth it.  While it can be easy to become complacent when talking about a "smart" technique in cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery is just like regular surgical procedures and needs to be taken very seriously if you are considering it.  Don't jump in rashly, and make sure to lead a healthy life style before considering a "touch up" such as this.

How Does Smart Liposuction Work?

Smart Liposuction, when used by the majority of people, is basically interchangeable with laser liposuction.  There is a very specific type of procedure that is actually called SMART, and is a trademarked form of laser lipo which is a very popular specific option among many consumers looking at their options.  This form of cosmetic surgery basically uses a laser to melt away the fat cells, allowing the body to be rid of them through natural flushing.  This is an action that can be taken with a conscious patient, so the risks from anesthesia are next to nil since the patient isn't actually unconscious, A localized anesthetic is used, which allows the patient to be awake without experiencing major discomfort or pain.  In addition, the patient can usually walk right out of the office in three to four hours with minimum discomfort.

It is important to note that smart liposuction is very much a laser liposuction procedure, and should not be mistaken with techniques like vaser liposuction, which fall under an entirely different branch of this field of cosmetic surgery.

Smart Lipo or Snow Lipo?

Image courtesy of Hartboy from, creative commons license allowed.
Image courtesy of Hartboy from, creative commons license allowed.

Smart Liposuction Prices

One of the definite advantages of any type of laser lypo like smart liposuction is that prices are generally lower for laser cosmetic surgery as opposed the more traditional liposuction that is an actual surgery. While prices are obviously going to vary from country to country and region to region (not to mention from doctor to doctor) there is a general average price range that most of these cosmetic liposuction procedures will fall into.

These prices are a general average based on U.S. figures, so as always don't take these as the actual costs of liposuction in your area.  Always do research to find out what your specific situation will be.

On average costs will range from $1,500 as a low price all the way up to $15,000 on the high end.  Different regions of the body will cost more to work on.  For example, generally the least expensive parts of the body to get smart liposuction treatment on are the thighs, hips, and jowls.  Most of the time it will be cheaper to treat these areas than say the butt, knee, or upper abdomen.

The most expensive parts of the human body to get treated are the male breasts, upper abdomen, and male back, in general.

Why Smart Liposuction?

Why should someone consider smart liposuction over some other similar type of cosmetic surgery procedure?  There are several good reasons that smart lipo could be a very good choice.  Just a quick checklist of reasons:

  • Costs are generally lower than with traditional liposuction surgery
  • Smart liposuction is low impact, as opposed to high impact traditional lipo
  • On average there tend to be less side effects than with other more traditional procedures
  • On average there are less side effects and less discomfort during recovery
  • Quick recovery time.

These are just a few of the reasons that smart liposuction could be a better choice for you than the more conventional surgeries, or even other non surgical procedures.

Smart Liposuction Before & After Video

Fox News Report on Smart Liposuction

The Liposuction Video Reports

Included on this smart liposuction hub are a couple of videos that should help to provide more reporting, and more information, that individuals considering these plastic surgery operations.  One video is specifically designed as a before & after liposuction video report which shows the difference that can result from undergoing one of these operations.  The before and after is also a specific example of smart liposuction, which is useful for this hub.

The second liposuction video is actually a news report from Fox News about smart liposuction and how recent technological changes have altered how this type o cosmetic surgery is done and what that means for doctors and consumers alike.

Closing Thoughts on Smart Liposuction

Smart laser liposuction is one of many good options when it comes to possible plastic surgery. If this is the route you're going to go, just remember that liposuction of any kind is not some magic bullet for the morbidly obese. People looking to undergo this type of cosmetic procedure have to be in relatively good shape to be considered. However, if you are looking at these types of options, make sure to take a good long look at the non surgical liposuction options which tend to be much safer, in addition to getting better results, than traditional lipo.

Smart liposuction can be a good choice for individuals who are adamant about getting this type of a procedure done to whittle away those stores of fat that exercise just can't finish off. However always make sure to do your homework so you can find a non surgical liposuction doctor that you know is capable and whom you can trust.

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    • Jerry G2 profile image

      Jerry G2 8 years ago from Cedar Rapids, IA

      I agree with the natural course, but to each their own. I prefer to go the natural route and least invasive whenever possible, but as someone with some really ugly moles on the neck, I understand the sentiment of wanting to make a little change because you can get judged so much by appearance. Thanks to both of you for your comments on my smart liposuction review.

    • ocbill profile image

      ocbill 8 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      yes, there are a few differetn types of laser liposuction such as lipodissolve which I've written a Hub about. Good info.

    • profile image

      Nancy's Niche 8 years ago

      Ouch! This is something I would free my body of by using natural herbs---A much less invasive procedure. Very interesting thanks for sharing.