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Smashbox Foundation Review

Updated on November 2, 2016

Product 411

The first makeup product I would like to review is Smashbox 15 Hour Wear. I recently just started using this product, as I was looking for something that would stay on my face throughout the day. Especially during the summer months when there is a lot of sweating. I also wanted a foundation that didn't make me look oily or greasy.

What is the Difference?

With 22 different shades, this product offers coverage for a wide variety of skin tones, which for many, is hard to find. This is also a hydrating foundation. For those of us that have really dry skin, this is a great foundation, because it is basically pulling double duty. It is hydrating and moisturizing your skin while giving you all day coverage.

Is This Real?

As you can see from above, Smashbox 15 Hour Wear has excellent coverage not matter your skin type. It also does a really good job covering up blemishes.

So many foundations also claim to have everyday coverage, and promise to hide your pimples and redness. Well not only is Smashbox ranked highly, but it also is one of the top ranked for combination skin.

Don't just take my word for it though. Here are some reviews from the Smashbox website about this foundation.



I have been hunting for the perfect foundation for my dry sking that wont slip off of my face for years! I have finally found it! It doesnt feel like a mask on my face, it feels like my skin can still breathe. My skin is loving this foundation. It seems to block all of the yuck in the air from getting sucked into my face. My skin has already calmed down and is much less red. It provides amazing coverage and does not budge all day. I highly recommend this foundation to anyone with dry skin that needs their makeup to stay all day. It has become part of my makeup line that cannot be replaced with anything else! Thank you smashbox!


This is the best foundation for oily and aging skin. To find the balance between the two needs is very difficult but this baby fits the bill! I live in deep south Texas and it gets really hot and humid as we are close to the Gulf of Mexico. Mix in the oily skin and well you can imagine! ...I switched from Estee Lauder's Double Wear after 12 years of using it because this has hydration in it! One might think that oily skin doesn't need hydration but it does especially when you're hitting 50! Its good for any age group! I am a professional makeup artist and I do a lot of bridal work and this is just stunning on all my brides! Actually I use a lot of Smashbox in my kit. Period!


From the start I was in love with the texture and coverage. I have really sensitive skin and the brand has always been gentle enough (plus I love the fact that they don't test on animals). The problem was I couldn't find the right shade for me! I went to a store and had it tested, shade 2.3 looked kind of okay but with different types of light I looked like I had a mask, too light and too cool toned. Finally I went to another store, where they were patient enough to have me sitting there for hours and walking around finding natural light, artificial light, taking selfies (flash, no flash) and we found shade 3.2!!! It is perfect!!! Happy costumer!

What's the Catch?

After reading all these reviews and looking at the product, I'm sure you are wondering what the catch is. Well I am happy to say, there isn't one. This product is absolutely amazing, and I would recommend it to anyone. This product is perfect for anyone, with any type or shade of skin.

Where Can I Get This?

This product is sold in makeup stores, such as Sephora and Ulta. Click below to find a store nearest you:



You can also get this product directly from You can also check out all their other awesome products.

Can There Be Another Benefit?

You may think there can't be anything to make this product better. Well you are wrong. One thing that made me choose this product was not only the great reviews and recommendation, but also that this product doesn't test on animals. That is something I strive for with every product. I make sure that none of them test on animals. So, for me, this product is the holy grail.

My Review

When I first saw this product, I was concerned about the price of course. Spending $42 on liquid foundation seemed a little expensive to me, but I ended up getting it anyway. Well, I am very happy I did. This makeup claims to be 15 hour wear, and it definitely holds up to those expectations.

Obviously throughout the day some makeup will rub off, but the vast majority of it will stay on. I can say that very confidently because each night, when I take off my makeup, there is a lot that comes off, especially compared to the foundation I was using previously.

I also love the feel of it. By that I mean when I apply it, it isn't overly thick on my face. My skin can still breathe. It also applies very smoothly and with the many shades this product comes in, there is bound to be a color that matches almost anyone.


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    • Kate Alyce profile image

      Kate Phillips 18 months ago from Mankato

      Gulam Wali, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my article. It is definitely a good result with many benefits.

    • Gulam Wali profile image

      Gulam Wali 18 months ago

      good result