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Smell like dirt! Popular Demeter Fragrance Library Dirt cologne spray for men and women

Updated on April 1, 2012

Demeter Fragrance Library makes great memories come back with the help of fragrances

Feel closer to earth with Demeter Fragrance Library Dirt cologne spray perfume. This affordable signature scent is calming and pleasant. Demeter Dirt fragrance really smells like dirt, but the good kind. The kind that makes you feel better, easier going and not rushed with everyday little chores. Demeter Fragrance Library Dirt spray perfume makes you think of the days when you have time to tend to your garden, water the plants, play in the dirt just for fun, dig for bugs and worms before going fishing and feel pleasant mushy mud between your bare toes. Dirt, if you start thinking about it, brings a lot of good simple memories to most people.

The smell of Demeter Dirt is not strong and not offensive. It is a mellow, earthy fragrance without musty smell that sometimes comes from colognes.

Demeter Fragrance Library have created a big line of perfumes with inspirations that come from positive, sometimes very mundane experiences. Smell of dirt brings the thoughts of the outside activities, at least to me. But Demeter Fragrance Library also offers the landromat fragrance for those who enjoy the smell of clean finished laundry; smells of tomatoes and various vegetables for gardeners at heart and smell of the beach for those who are wishing for an ocean-side vacation.

For those people who are nostalgic for their younger days, with a peacefully sleeping baby in the next room, there is a scent of baby powder avaliable.

Then, there are manly smells like pipe tobacco, whiskey and leather fragrances.

Of course, Demeter Fragrance Library also carries more recognizable sweet perfumes, traditionally prefered by girls and women. Some of the choices are honeysuckle, ocean breeze, angel food, cinnamon bun, peonies, violet and many others.

Please follow one of the product links to see what Demeter Fragrance Library brings the best memories for you!

Smell unique with Demeter Fragrance Library colognes


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    • Queen Bumble Bee profile image

      Queen Bumble Bee 5 years ago from My Queendom

      Absolutely, snow has a scent! Since I grew up with a lot of snow around, I can tell you that for sure. It is a smell of fresh, crisp air with just a little bit of moisure in it. Hard to explain, but I would recognize it anywhere. ;)

    • Kris Heeter profile image

      Kris Heeter 5 years ago from Indiana

      Very interesting - kins of weird and fun! I'm amazed at the "Snow Cologne"...snow has a scent? :)