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Smelly Used Socks

Updated on August 17, 2012

Making Money Online

I have been looking for ways to make some extra income online. In looking for that ground breaking idea or that inspirational "I can do that" moment I have become fascinated with the ways in which other people make money. They often say it is the simplest idea that works but even then, if you have a great idea how do you market it and how do you take those first steps in turning that idea into a life changing event. I am not interested in taxing my brain for a new invention that does not yet exist, for me making more money in the easiest possible manner is far more appealing.

I might think that I have a great idea and it turns out that everybody else disagrees or I get pointed to the fact that it has already been done. I don’t really want to spend any kind of money first, I am looking for that no lose gamble I guess. No, the thought of bringing a new invention to the table isn’t really an option and it would cost me money upfront. The thought of hiring a solicitor, taking out a patent, hiring a designer to make a prototype and any other hidden costs is far too much to think about and worry myself over.

A friend of mine does quite well hiring himself out as a man with a van service. That all came about when people kept asking him if he would mind transporting items around from location to location for them. It gave him the idea to advertise himself as a local service and through word of mouth, the Internet and social media he finds that it brings in just enough to pay the bills. I did wonder if there would be a call for a lady with a van but I fear I wouldn't be strong enough.

Easier Ways To Make Money

I am more fascinated with easier ways in which to make money, maybe not life changing amounts but a few extra dollars (or pounds or even euro’s) depending on where you are resident. I recently had a look through eBay after hearing a story of a lady who scoured jumble sales and car boot sales for second hand handbags. This lady brought the handbags for between £1 and £2 each and she found that she could double her money on eBay selling them for between £4-6 she even reported that a couple of them sold for upwards of £20.00. This lady turned it into a full time hobby turning over upwards of £100 per week.

Is that easy money? You still have to go out and about every weekend snapping up bags, you still need a small investment and then when it comes to posting them they can be quite bulky, would I fancy standing in a post office queue with a dozen large parcels? If I bought 12 at just £1 each and sold them all at £2 each I would have made just £12 profit and it would have taken me more than just a few hours in sourcing, photographing, listing and posting and remember, there are still paypal and eBay fee’s to consider, no buying and selling handbags was not an option but looking at second hand items did lead me to an idea which quite simply amazed me.


Selling Smelly Used Socks

I found some guy selling his smelly used socks, yes I did say smelly and used as in unwashed and dirty. The advert said that the socks were trashed, that they were full of holes sweaty and smelly from being worn with his trainers and the pictures of them looked quite gross. The bidding had reached £8.00 and it had just a few hours to run. I watched this auction close at £15.00 and when I checked the guys feedback he had sold quite a few pairs, each at a price you could purchase 15 new pairs for not alone 1 smelly old pair.

I searched eBay some more and found 100’s of adverts for used and worn dirty socks, some worn by guys others worn by women, the guys did seem to attract more interest and a lot were aimed at a gay target audience. It wasn’t just socks that I found for sale, stockings and tights too, old trainers and even more intimate under garments that stated they had been washed but reading the advert it was clear that the seller had no intention of sending them out clean. I have since heard that eBay clamp down on some worn items but it looks like socks, bras and stockings are all okay, if they are worn and used but do not touch the intimate regions it seems like you are good to go.

Weird Or Normal?

Now this isn’t something for me, I don’t wear trainers that often and I am not a lover of socks, my bra’s are far too expensive and I love them too much to part with them but how easy is that, selling used socks for 15 times what you can buy them for, you don’t even need to do much apart from package and post them and then we are not talking of a large package, a simple way to make money without doing anything. Selling used smelly socks does sound gross and although it is not for me to judge those that are buying them I do wonder what the attraction is? Maybe I should re-word that, I understand the attraction is the smell but I fail to understand who could find the smell of worn socks a turn on? With this in mind I know that there are easy ways to make money, lots of it in fact  and my search looks like it is going to have to continue into the world of the fetish desire.

Would you sell your dirty clothing?

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    • profile image


      21 months ago from Northampton

      I've seen women selling things a lot more intimate online, each to their own, if there is a demand there will always be someone willing to sell it.

    • kimbles profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from The World

      Selling and for free don't go together alan however - I am not selling or giving any away as I don't wear them

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      ar you selling any for free

    • profile image

      Dan Big 

      6 years ago

      I have a half sister who lets me worship her feet after school or the gym or when she is a waitress at apple bees her feet get super stinky which I love. 40$ gets me her after long day feet all sweaty and smelly and warm to sniff and lick 10 minutes each foot. I wana ask her if she let me lick her sweaty ass and armpits lol.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      love the smell of a guys dirty smelly socks

    • kimbles profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from The World

      Thank you Worn Boot Socks for such an in depth comment, it is appreciated and I agree we all have our own sexual desires of one kind or another. I try to avoid the term "fetish" because I have always wondered where does the boundary of fetish and considered to be "normal" cross paths.

    • profile image

      worn boot socks 

      6 years ago

      You asked what is the attraction/turn on is, simple. Phermones. Smelly mens socks trigger a natural sexual response in some men..and some women as well. (remember the original porkies in the locker room?) When the socks are worn in boots or shoes for a time and get the stains from the footwear it says they are smelly. If they are clining to the foot and dirty chances are they are really sweaty..more phermones. Personally I hate naked feet. They are ugly and usually have calluses and other "deformities" (for lack of a better word) that is not attractive and kinda repulsive. Put a pair of socks on them and they transform into a work of art. It is unfair that most male movie stars are not shown in their is see them in their shoes, you see them barefoot but rarely in socks. Wish all male celebrities had to be filmed and photos taken in their socks. Anyway, it is not abnormal, strange or weird. It is not something a person chooses to desire and nothing to be ashamed of either. Every person in the world has one or more things that society can deem as abnormal or any other word you choose to describe. It is much more common than most realize. Most hide their desire because society makes them feel like an outcast or someone to be made fun of. Many will fight against it and be the ones that crusade against should never be seen in their socks..why? Turn you on does it? Don't want to face your desires? Making fun another way to hide true desire. Ebay requires the socks be cleaned before sending them. I am sure there are those who send them as they are and rightfully so. That is what the people ordering and bidding on them want. doesn't the consumer, the customer have a right to have or purchase things the way they want them? I wish more men would come out of the sock drawer/closet and help get stars in socks on film and photo's, ability to buy smelly, dirty, used worn socks with full odor for purchase. Always with a disclaimer that the buyer is responsible for any outcome of puchase unless malice or intent of harm can be proven. I don't think you can get athletes nose. Love the episodes of house where it is brought out that house takes his socks off his feet and sexually gratifies his self with them. Another accurate thing. If your a guy, give it a one will know..So hope this answers your question and people have a better understanding of why and become more accepting of things that are not chosen but should not be denied either.

    • StephenSMcmillan profile image


      7 years ago

      haha..I love this hub. It's funny.

    • profile image

      suzannah hobbs 

      7 years ago

      great idea mate!


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