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Smith's Rosebud Salve Lip Balm Product Review

Updated on June 20, 2013

Celebrities Who Wear Rosebud Salve

Rosebud Salve is One of Beyonce's Must Have Beauty Products

In an interview with Allure magazine (March, 2011) Beyonce is quoted as saying:

"I love the Rosebud Salve in the blue can. I wear it with my lipstick. I did this trick last summer, when I was on vacation: I used it to prime my lashes before curling. It was like a natural mascara. It made the lashes hold the curl and look shiny. I use it for everything!"

Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm Review

After hearing a lot of buzz about this product from my friends, coworkers & celebrities revealing that this is one of their must-have beauty products, I decided to give it a whirl on a day when I left my normal lip balm at home. I opted to try the Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm because while making a quick "lunch-break-run" to Sephora this is all they had available.

Once I opened the tin, the brilliant rose color and sheen of this product elicited a slight euphoric sensation which is common to most product junkies during the "unveiling" of a new, highly recommended product . The Mint Rosebud Salve's consistency is more of a gloss than a balm since balms usually have a more matte appearance when applied to the lips. It does a pretty good job of moisturizing your lips with a minimal amount of product, but I found that I had to apply it several times throughout the day so it may not last as long as other lip balms. Also, on a hot summer day, its not the best product to keep in your bag or car since the product melts and you aren't able to apply it until it cools and is more solid, so keeping it stored in a cool place is a must!

A big bonus for this product is that is can be used in a variety of ways: eyelash primer, cuticle moisturizer, elbow moisturizer, heel moisturizer just to name a few.

Overall, this product is a beauty-classic for many beauty product junkies so I'm sure it will be around for years to come, but I most likely wouldn't purchase it again because after months of using it, I found that it was more drying for my lips than when I didn't use this product.

Chanel Iman Wearing Rosebud Salve


✓ I love the cooling sensation that the peppermint oil provides immediately after applying the product.

✓ This product contains rose oil which has farnesol that fights bacteria and aids in skin regeneration

✓ Can be used to moisturize other dry, chapped areas of your body (nails, elbows, heels)


✗ Cost-$7 for one tin of lip balm

✗ Contains petrolatum. While it is NOT the same as petroleum jelly, it is not the best for skin as it can:

  • Increase dryness & chapping by preventing the body's own moisturizing mechanism and rests on top of the skin rather than helping deliver rose oil deep into the skin.

✗ Doesn't contain SPF. This is absolutely necessary for any product that is applied to the face and skin to prevent sun damage and lips are often overlooked.

✗ The tin can is cumbersome to open at times and requires you to use your fingers to apply the product (not a great option for germ-a-phobes or those that are exposed to a lot of germs). However, this product does come in a tube as an alternative.

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