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Snow White Dress - Kids and Adult Snow White Dress Up

Updated on August 3, 2009
Princess Snow White
Princess Snow White

Princess Snow White - Girl behind the Dress

We all love Snow white and fell in love with her in Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937). Snow White is a tale of a princess born of noble blood but forced into a life of hardship and scullery by her evil Stepmother (the Queen).

She was blessed with an unbreakable spirit, and this fair maiden never gave up on finding her true love that would rescue her and fulfill her dreams of a better life.

The queen orders her henchmen to kill her in the forest; the henchman cannot go through with it and tells Snow white to flee into the forest. There she meets an amazing group of dwarfs living deep in the forest. Each with there own quirky personality and Snow white care’s for them like a mother.

The queen eager to get her way dons a disguise and heads into the forest to tempt Snow White with a shiny red apple, She bites into the apple and falls into a never-ending sleep that only true love’s kiss can break.

Snow White's Dress

The Snow White Dress

Snow White’s dress is instantly recognizable from the long flowing yellow golden skirt , then leading up to the blue corset with the light puffy shoulder pads covered in red droplets. It’s finished off with a high elegant collar.

Snow White Dress for Kids

The snow white dress is a popular dress up costume for kids parties and functions. The dress expresses Snow white’s inner beauty and her ability to find joy from the smallest of things. It's also a great change from the usual color scheme you find in princess dresses.

Snow White Princess Costume

The classic fairytale dress has a blue bodice/corset and red sleeves made from stretched crush velvet. The skirt is a bright cheery yellow made from china silk with a bright red ribbon wrapped around the waist.

  • clothing quality fabrics; machine washable
  • comfortable; no itchy fabrics or trims
  • No Zippers, Velcro Closures or Buttons
  • Stretchy Comfortable Material
  • Lrg 5-7 yrs, child 6-8, 37" total length

img acefancydress uk
img acefancydress uk

Adult Snow White Dress

Of course the snow white dress has been modified into a very kinky adult playtime piece. Making the long dress into a mini skirt and letting more cleavage show it becomes and instant eye opener. After all who can resist an innocent little princess nibbling on an apple :P.

Snow White Sexy Costume Plus Size

This Snow White costume perfect for Halloween and adult occasions. It comes in sizes 14-16 and is made of warm material making it suitable for outdoors or on those cold winter nights. The bodice is made up of a silky blue crushed stretch velt with colorful red shoulders, which leads to a bright yellow skirt

Very comfortable and great for the casual cosplayer. Perfect for the women with curves :)

Saucy Snow White Lingerie Outfit

3 Piece Snow White Costume includes Headband, Dress with Embroidered Apple and Detachable Cape Perfect for Adult games, roleplaying fantasy games especially when you get your friend to dress up as a dwarf.

The yellow mini skirt has a fine lace underneath and expressing a very enticing and teasing feel to it , especially with the included headband and cape. Sizes XSmall, Small and Medium.

Sexy Snow White Dress

This sexy costume is great for roleplay fun and halloween just combine with your choice of red ,white, or blue knee high stockings.

A new take on the classic dress brings a firmer look around the bust line as well as blue striped bodice giving your waist a slim sexy look. Comes with headband to complete the look.


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