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Snug Piercing - The Information You Need To Know

Updated on January 17, 2012

What is a Snug Piercing?

A snug piercing is one which is placed in the ear, or to be more precise, in the anti helix of the ear. In fact, it is sometimes referred to as an anti helix piercing. This part of the ear is, in effect, one row from the back of the ear, although this is probably quite difficult to imagine, so it is best to take a look at the image below for a better explanation of the position of a snug piercing. Because of the thickness of the cartilage in this part of the ear, a bar or sometimes a ring is generally used as decoration.

What Should You Pay for a Snug Piercing?

Snug piercings are a fairly standard type of piercing so you should not expect to pay over the odds, as no special skills other than those expected of a professional piercer are needed. Snug piercings costs can vary widely depending on where you live of course and also if the piercer happens to hold the monopoly locally. However, you should perhaps expect to pay something in the region of $50. It is advisable to pay a little more if this guarantees a more hygienic and expert environment. Trying to save money by having it done at a piercing parlour that is not authorised could lead to infections of your ear. Under no circumstances should you try to do snug piercings at home either.

Does a Snug Piercing Hurt?

A snug piercing may cause some discomfort whilst the piercing is being carried out. This is to be expected however as you are in effect, injuring yourself. Because of the thickness of the cartilage, this piercing is considered to be moderately painful, but the pain is short lived. And if you have had previous piercings, it should not be significantly worse than those. Naturally, there may be a little bleeding, swelling and soreness for a while afterwards while the piercing heals.

Snug Piercing Aftercare

A snug piercing is considered to be one of the slowest to heal. Some even estimate the time taken to heal at over 18 months. Most of this healing time however, your piercing should be fairly robust and it is early on in the healing process that you need to take more care. The person who pierced your ear should be able to advise on what to use to bathe the piercing, but it goes without saying that you should not touch the piercing unless your hands are very clean as this is a sure way to cause an infection.

A snug piercing using a barbell as jewelry
A snug piercing using a barbell as jewelry

What is the Best Snug Piercing Jewelry to use?

Because of the nature of a snug piercing, and the thickness of the cartilage that is penetrated; some jewelry such as studs, are not an option. Rings, barbells or circular barbells are the most commonly used. If you are in doubt, take advice from a professional piercer who should be able to help you.

So, if you are considering a snug piercing, you may have to go through a little discomfort in order to achieve your aim; but those who have gone through this certainly seem to feel it worthwhile. Make sure though, that you take good care to find a reputable and hygienic piercer to do your snug piercing for you.


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