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So Hot Right Now! Vintage Swimsuits For Men

Updated on October 16, 2009

You know why vintage swimsuits are so in right now? I'll tell you why. It is not because history always repeats, or because there are only so many permutations of a swimsuit, it is because the old days were the good old days. Nothing bad ever happened in the old days, in fact, I believe that the earth was entirely peaceful and pleasant from 1920 up until 1960, when those filthy hippies came along and ruined the world with Ebola and Swine Flu. We can reclaim the innocence and awesomeness of times gone by simply by wearing clothes which remind us of times which we technically can't be reminded of because we weren't actually alive then.

Vintage swimsuits are very cute, and are experiencing a resurgence amongst the crazy young people. They are typified by their somewhat asexual cut, which runs straight across the upper chest and lower legs, only allowing curves grudgingly if people insist upon having them. Men can look just as great in these as women do, and indeed a man wearing a swimsuit cut in the vintage style may find his choice of attire considered more acceptable due to the fact that it isn't currently associated with anything in particular at this time. (Unlike, say a brassiere, which is very closely associated with women and women's attire.)

The skirted vintage style swimsuit pictured top right is available from Pin Up Clothing USA, and though this particular suit may not work for all men as the sizing apparently runs quite small, it is a very good example of a vintage style swimsuit which would work very well for men. The skirt feature means that there is scope for a little modesty. Other Swimsuits by Modcloth and Pinupgirlclothing.

A great deal of modern day vintage style swimsuits are made in polka dot fabric, once again, hearkening back to an innocent, more simple time where the only fear the world had was total nuclear annihilation.

Almost all vintage swimsuits are made in the halterneck style, which also recalls old school glamor. This style is perfect for smaller women and men, but murder for larger breasted women who find themselves with their heads yoked forward by certain areas of their anatomy.

If you want to splash out on some new feminine styling, a vintage style swimsuit is a perfect piece of attire. You can wear it out and about, or in the privacy of your own home and it really is a very feminine garment in spite of the fact that it is cut in such a way as to be quite androgynous.


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Hope, you've done it again! A Fabulous hub with reference to a vendor with great products. I've never run across until now but they have some great stuff. The Leopard Print Marilyn and the Bettie Retro swimsuits are to die for. As I commented in another of your hubs for men wearing onepiece swimsuits, it is not an option for me in public right now, but that doesn't stop me at home. Break out the VISA card out and place the order! LOL

      Thanks Again for your special work.

    • Hammerj profile image


      9 years ago from Cebu City

      Wow nice swimsuit..A very brilliant mind that you have an idea like this...very informative hub.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Great Article. I Began reading your hubs a few months ago. As a man that wears Panties and Women's jeans, I found a new item to wear. I have a pool in my back yard and swim in Bikinis and thanks to you I have a Monokini in my collection as well.

      Thanks Hope. Keep up the good work!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I think there is a conspiracy. First Lands' End sends me a sale catalog full of one piece swimsuits and then you post this. There was one in the catalog similar to the solid red number you showed above - shirring across the tummy area etc. At US$50+ for something I really can't wear out, I was resisting. But now, thanks to you, I feel my resistance weakening. . .

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Wonderful idea, Hope. I do like the styling of vintage clothing from this era. This brings back memories of trying on swim suits as a boy. They really felt nice back then.



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