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So You Want To Be a Fashion Mogul part 2

Updated on March 12, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

Fashion Management

Fashion management is the next big task one has to master if they want to be a fashion mogul. Fortunately for the student, they can take fashion management and marketing courses at the schools lifted above or other institutions.

Once you learn about the fashion world, spotting trends, handling design and color issues you still need to learn about how to manage the stores and fashion outlets. In other words, you need to learn how to get the customer in the door and purchase your product.

One school not mentioned in the above lists is the London College of Fashion. Its location in Britain helps the student learn the fashion management side of the industry on a global scale and not just a restricted local level.

Then you need to learn about how to get those customers into your shop. A good school to help you is SCAD. Their professionals guide you each step of the way. They teach you how to be innovative in your product promotion, help you understand the consumer and much more.

Marketing and management are one of the keys to being successful in the fashion industry. If you can keep ahead of the trends then you will be able to carve out for yourself a very successful and respected career. Then you will be able to maintain that success and respect by managing your fashion output wisely and correctly.

Good marketing will bring them in the door of your fashion outlet but if your management is not up to par, then you will not keep them in the store. Lean how t manage properly and you will avoid the many mistakes made by others who tried and failed to make it in the fashion industry.

How To Get An Internship In The Fashion Industry

Now that you have graduated from college and have lots f fashion ideas and information stored into your head waiting to be used, you now need t find a place to implement those instructions and ideas. Most reputable colleges will have leads and will help their students land a fashion internship. Berkeley does this as one of their students was hired by the very company she interned at.

Schools will do what they can to assist you in your career. But if the opportunities through your university are scarce there are other sources to help you find that much needed internship. Keep in mind that not all internship programs come with a salary. In fact most are not paid positions and your only revenue is more education and experience.

Here are some alternative sources to help you find that coveted fashion internship position:

  • Free Fashion Internship .com – They offer the best fashion companies, designers and other fashion outlets to try to get your foot in the door in the fashion industry

  • Indeed .com – While an employment search engine, placing the words fashion internship or interns in the search box should turn up what opportunities that are listing at this company

  • – This search function covers all internships but it isn’t hard to narrow down the results by adding the word fashion in front of the word intern

  • Intern Queen .com – This is supposed o be the place to go for your fashion internship needs. Run by Lauren Berger this search engine provides the details of the internship position offered, including if it is a paid position or not.

  • Intern Match .com – This is a search engine where the student can sign up, create a profile and have the companies come to them. They claim to have their services used by over 10,000 companies.

In a nutshell, this is where and how you can get your prized internship position and really launch your fashion career.

How To Get A Job In The Fashion Business

We have all seen the movie The Devil Wears Prada and the star of the film works hard turning in her resume to different companies trying to get a job in the fashion industry. With a little luck she walks into the job from hell yet somehow she is hired.

This is one example of one way to get a job. A lot of hard work, perseverance and luck does the trick. Then if you land a good internship position, you just have to work hard, do extra work, demonstrating that you are a cut above all the rest and basically show that you are willing to go the extra mile for the company.

Other websites have a lot of basic tips that are really simple common sense like doing well at your interview, creating a wonderful resume and cover letter, target and educate yourself about the companies you want to work for and be prepared to start at the bottom.

They also have some good tips like making sure your social media presence is not risqué or controversial. Companies do check these websites now and one should not have anything on the internet that would cost them a job, no matter how innocent they think their posting is.

Another good tip is to look the part. In other words, demonstrate that you know fashion by how you dress yourself for your interview. You can also create a fashion blog showcasing your fashion talent. You can direct the interviewer’s attention to your blog and they can see what you have to offer.

Finally, you can send your interviewer a thank you note. Other websites recommend that these be handwritten and personal. Some say to mail these and other experts claim personally delivering them is best, whichever way you choose is up to you, just be professional, intelligent and do not give up.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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