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So You Want To Be a Fashion Mogul part 3

Updated on March 12, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

How To Become A Fashion Buyer

Becoming a fashion buyer is basically the same process as finding a job in the fashion industry. N fact, it is getting a job in the fashion industry. Stores and other fashion outlets need buyers to help them get the merchandise they need to market to their customers.

The basics are the same as searching for any job in any industry. First, you need to get educated not just in fashion but a degree. These days everyone has a degree and being without one is not a good idea. Second, you need to obtain an internship and gain valuable experience. Then, third, you need to develop your resume and cover letter so that it is interesting, factual and helps you stand out from the myriad of other resumes on the human resources manager’s desk.

Fourth, you can join the professional organizations that are part of the fashion industry. Two of these are—The National Retail Federation & American Purchasing Association. These organizations have job boards and leads on becoming a fashion buyer.

Fifth, you can become certified by taking the different tests offered by those organizations. Sixth, you can get an entry level position and work your way up the fashion ladder. During this time you can practice your fashion sense and sharpen your buying skills, like learning how to negotiate. Over paying is not helpful for the company you are buying for.

Seven, learn to be organized if you are not already. An unorganized person can waste time and money by missing out on good deals because they were not properly prepared. Eight, be willing to work overtime and show that you are dedicated to the success of the company. Nine, learn how to buy clothes and learn about how to buy at the right time.

Finally, learn how to properly present what you have bought so that your bosses can see that you have the knack to buy and market clothes

How To Launch Your Own Fashion Brand

Almost everyone likes to work for themselves and keep their own hours. This is true for many in the fashion industry including those designers who are actually fashion moguls. But there are some stumbling blocks to overcome which can get in the way of launching your own brand and becoming a mogul.

Like any other business, launching your own line needs you have to have some talent in fashion. You know what looks good, when the new trends are coming into vogue and so on. But being tlented is not enough, as even the most talented people need luck. Launching at the right time takes skill, knowledge and a little luck for fashion can be finicky.

You also need to have the right connections. There is the old saying that goes, ‘it is not what you know but who you know that counts.’ This is true in the fashion world as it is in other parts of the business world. Knowing the right people makes launching your own brand a lot easier and helps you get on the right path to success.

Then there is that old ingredient called money. Launching your own line takes money. IT costs to market, promote, and even sale your brand and very few people get rich quick in the fashion industry. The all had to make a name for themselves by proving their line was better, different and more fashionable than their competitors

Another key ingredient in launching your own fashion brand is support from one’s family. Family members will go the extra mile in helping their loved one pursue their dream. Support is important and provides the right emotional help one needs when things start slowly or do not seem like they are going your way.

Launching your own brand is tough and without these key ingredients it is almost impossible to do. Do your research before launching and make sure you have a fashion product the world can use. Research will also help find the right market to launch in and make sure you have customers willing to buy what you are selling.

How to Open Up Your Own Clothing Store

This is probably easier than launching your own line as you do not have to rely on customers liking and wanting to buy your own designs. You can taylor your business to the likes of your local community and stock the kind of clothes from different designers and manufacturers that fit the tastes of your customers.

But some of the same elements are needed in opening your own clothing store as there are in launching your own line. First, you need experience in fashion and now what trends are capturing the customer’s minds. Second, you will need money Rent and utilities and other expenses do add up and if you do not have the funds then you will not be able to stay I business for very long.

Making sure you have enough funds to fill your store and replenish any supplies is important. A lack of stock means less you can sell.

Third, you will need a business plan to help guide you. A good business plan will help you identify problems before they become a problem. For example, in real estate they say Location! Location! Location! A good business plan will help you research the real estate market for the right location for your clothing store

Fourth, you will need to get a business license. Navigating city hall and red tape is not fun and you need to be prepared for delays as you seek your license to run a clothing store. Then, fifth, you need a good marketing strategy. How will you advertise your store and product is important. You need to find your target customer base and prepare your advertising accordingly. Don’t forget to allow for the right signage to encourage people walking by to come in and shop.

These few tips will help you set up your own clothing store. Just remember these are just the starting point and there are other tips you should familiarize yourself with before you have your grand opening.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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