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Soca T-Shirts or Soca Costumes

Updated on May 4, 2015

Caribbean Carnivals

A vast majority of the world are unaware of many of the Caribbean carnivals. These events happen year-round and are key drivers of tourism for many of the islands. Each year tourists flock to these locations in search of excitement and a new experience.

Take for instance, the world-renowned, Trinidad Carnival. Can you imagine a scene of rum, beer and wine? No- not the wine you drink, the wine where you dance! The occasion lasts for 7 days and it quickly becomes one of your fondest memories of your lifetime. Even though you may end up sleep deprived and hung over every day, it is still an awesome experience. Here’s what’s in store for you: you’re literally out on the road in the heat, you can feel this heat rising from the ground as the sun pelts down on your body. On the road, you follow a big truck filled with the biggest speakers you can imagine; spewing the sweetest sounding Soca music.

Now, all this reveling will leave you famished, so you head on over to the nearest cart or restaurant and grab some doubles or aloo pie. Another major food attraction is Oyster Carts. These roadside buildings constituted of plywood and illuminated by candle light. They are usually manned by a single character, as I would hardly call him a professional chef. He would throw a few oysters into a shot glass and then adds tomato sauce, scotch bonnet pepper sauce and some authentic Trini green seasoning. Essentially, what you do next is take the shot and quickly chase it with the local beer of your choice. Most people prefer Carib beer.

Now, many of you may feel quite timid about dressing up in a costume and parading down the road. However, not everyone has to do this. You can instead opt for wearing a t-shirt that helps you feel a part of all the action. Then maybe the next year you can step up and get the full costume experience. It is very difficult to find Carnival T-shirts but there is one company that does specialize in this arena. They are known as Carnival Tees. Each year the company makes a limited run of specialized Carnival Tees that are catered to fans of Soca music. We recommend you check them out and order before the Carnival season is upon you. We certainly recommend them for all your Soca T-shirt needs.

Soca Is My Remedy

Soca T-shirt from
Soca T-shirt from | Source

Who Drinking Rum?

Soca T-shirt from
Soca T-shirt from | Source


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