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Solid Lotion vs Liquid Lotion

Updated on June 10, 2015

What is a solid lotion stick?

Just like with many personal care items, lotion comes in more forms than a liquid. For example, soap comes in liquid soap, powder, and a bar of soap.

Solid lotion comes in bars (can be handled like a bar of soap to apply lotion) or you can find it in plastic/paper applicators (looks like a large Chapstick or deodorant stick). The lotion softens and is applied nicely as it rolls on warm skin. Some use lotion bars for massage purposes as well.

There are many benefits to using solid lotion. For, most liquid lotions are 50% water, so you are paying for a liquid you can get for free most anywhere. A solid lotion, on the other hand, is packed full of moisturizing ingredients.

In connection to the high water content of liquid lotion, we estimate that a solid lotion bar will last longer than 2-3 liquid lotion bottles. That means that you are often saving by using a lotion stick.

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Solid lotion stick in paper applicator

Information on solid lotion sticks
Information on solid lotion sticks | Source

How is a solid lotion stick different than liquid lotion?

Liquid lotion is estimated to be at least 50% water. So, upon application most of it will evaporate or leave the skin soon afterward. Solid lotion is packed with ingredients that will not evaporate upon application.

In addition, liquid lotion can be messy and not allow for pinpoint application. Solid lotion on the other hand, specializes in pointed application. You don't need to lotion up your hands to moisturize just the back of your hands or elbows (or other dry skin areas). Solid lotion applicators can spot treat wherever you need lotion.

Solid lotion can also be used to work in extra moisture for a specific area. I often see people applying extra drops of liquid lotion on their knuckles to get more moisture there. However, a lotion stick easily applies as much lotion and moisture to those spots (like putting Chapstick on your lips whenever you need it).

Are you going to join the war on cheap liquid lotion?

Solid lotion stick applications for men.

Liquid lotion has many potential uses for men (many for women, but we'll discuss below). Men don't have the wide usage of lotion like women, but they still get dry and cracked skin. Although lotion is more readily available for women, men don't need to suffer.

Here are some applications of solid lotion (speaking directly about Parched Lotion Sticks):

  • Pointed application on dry skin areas (knuckles, hands, elbows, knees, heels, cuticles, rashes, etc.)
  • Outdoors (keep your grip with extreme sports)
  • Fishing, hiking, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, boating, jet skiing, dirt biking,
  • Sports (keep hands free from slick, greasy lotion when at play)
  • Golfing, playing tennis, basketball, baseball, football, street hockey, soccer, track and field, weightlifting, running, road biking, mountain biking, paragliding, skydiving, motorcycling,
  • Traveling
  • No travel restrictions (not subject liquid restrictions of 3 ounces or under)
  • Fits in bags, pockets, and dock kits
  • Effective for any climate
  • Does not leak
  • Work (sometimes your work depends on clean, not slippery hands)
  • Allows to spot treat dry skin areas (back of the hands, knuckles, elbows, etc.) without lubing up other parts of your hands
  • Typing/office work
  • Construction workers
  • Carpenters
  • Other workers that need dry hands (but don’t want cracked knuckles and elbows)
  • Shaking hands at work

You can let us know if there are other applications for solid lotion for men. Really, men have not had a good solution to moisturize while they work or play.

Women, on the other hand, frequently use liquid lotion freely whether at home, work, or at play. Men can use solid lotion to target the backs of the hands (cracked knuckles) without compromising the integrity of their grip.

Why is grip so important?

Grip can be a determinant of safety (not just comfort). Depending on what is being worked on. Many people need to have a firm grip to make sure their workplace is safe.

The taboo nature of liquid lotion and men.

There is a taboo in regards to a big bottle of liquid lotion and men. Not to be crude or insert teenage boy humor, but being seen with a big bottle of lotion can be uncomfortable for most men (and those that see it on the desk, bedside, bathroom, TV rooms, etc.).

Solid lotion reduces the perception of the creepy uses of lotion. People won’t be drawn to notice the lotion bottles in your areas. The lotion stick is small, looks like a deodorant or other normal personal care product.

Sometimes the perception is all it takes for people to like or trust you. If you can eliminate one distraction from which people stereotype then you will be in good shape.

Is the taboo that a man with a big bottle of lotion is creepy valid? Most likely not, but there are enough cases that keep the stereotype going.

We think it is safer to not be seen as a creepy guy and just stick with a solid lotion stick in public places. You can actually apply this lotion on public transit and you won't get the weird looks if you lather up with liquid lotion.

Dry knuckles can be targeted

Solid hand lotion to help dry knuckles
Solid hand lotion to help dry knuckles | Source

Solid lotion stick applications for women.

Solid lotion is not a new personal care product for women. Many Etsy shops, DIY’ers, small boutiques offer solid lotion.

Women often use solid lotion bars or sticks for:

  • Spot treating dry skin areas
  • Backs of the hands
  • Spot treating wrinkles on the face
  • Conditioning their face
  • Helping remove makeup
  • Helping eliminate the bags from under the eyes
  • Rashes
  • Eczema
  • Sunburns
  • Cracked heals
  • Raw areas from shoes
  • On babies and children

There are a few companies that service or women with solid lotion. A few of the companies that are larger than small shops include Monkey Balm and SkinFare. SkinFare was found in Walgreens, Wholefoods and other retailers. I think I have seen Monkey Balm in a Wal-mart but I am not sure if they are regulars. Monkey Balm can be currently purchased on

Why buy a lotion stick when Pinterest says I can create a DIY solid lotion?

A follow up question in response could be -- Why eat out for dinner at Chili's when you can make Mexican American food at home? Or any other question of why you buy compiled products instead of making them yourself.

Besides the obvious answers of it being a hassle to make your own (Do IT Yourself style) lotion, here are some great reasons to trust a Parched Lotion Stick:

  • Optimal blend of natural ingredients
  • More effective ingredients than most DIY people have access to
  • Scents that are very pleasing
  • Packaging doesn't need to be purchased in bulk when you buy from Parched (most suppliers have a minimum amount of containers you must buy).
  • Proven effectiveness
  • Purchasable easily on the internet
  • Delivered to your door
  • Replicating a batch of DIY lotion is difficult unless you do it often

Provider of quality solid lotion sticks.

Solid lotion stick manufacturer.
Solid lotion stick manufacturer. | Source

Would you use a solid lotion stick?

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Where can you find a good solid lotion stick?

Lotion stick quality a fragrances vary greatly. You can be assured that Parched Lotion Sticks will be a staple for your household. The Parched solid lotion stick uses the best ingredients that include coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, cocoa seed butter, soybean, sunflower seed oil, fruit extract, essential oils, and other great ingredients.

Parched lotion sticks come in a biodegradable applicator. So, you are supporting a responsible product in addition to getting maximum lotion.

You can contact Parched Lotion with the following information:

Parched Lotion Sticks:

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    • profile image

      Julia 2 years ago

      Do you have the ingredient list?

    • profile image

      L. Brown 2 years ago

      I've made it before. Thought it worked well. Id definitely buy it before making though.

    • profile image

      Liza 2 years ago

      I used to buy a solid lotion stick but haven't found it available lately. Disaster to try it on my own :)

    • profile image

      Mer 2 years ago

      I use it on my dry heels

    • profile image

      Joe 2 years ago

      Anything to make less creepy ;)

    • Lotionstick profile image

      Parched Lotion Stick 2 years ago from Salt Lake City

      Thanks for the shoutout!