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Some Natural Alternatives as a Treatment for Wrinkles

Updated on July 13, 2012

Natox anti wrinkle cream

Natural Anti Ageing Treatment

Many people are looking for an anti ageing treatment and opt for things like cucumber facials because they are scared of the implications of using botox or more drastic surgical options. Natox anti aging creme has come on the market at the right time and had received some great reviews so far.!

Can't I just Use Natural Vegetable Products For a Facial??

Yes you can-but they may have limited effectiveness. Cucumber facials have been around for a while. You can grind up a cucumber in your food blender and apply it for twenty minutes and then wash off. It has a pH similar to your skin and is good at hydrating it. The iidea is -the more hydration, the less wrinkles. You can also cut up slices of cucumber and put them in a fridge and apply to your eyes if they look or feel puffy.

Or you could try a facial using green or red peppers. They have got lots of anti-oxidants aand you can blend them in a food processor to drink as a skin-rejuvenating juice or use the blender to mash them up and apply as a paste to your face. Teh anti-oxidants are of course beneficial in fighting free radicals.

Cucumber facials

A cucumber facial
A cucumber facial | Source

What is Natox?

Natox is an organic anti wrinkle cream created by Richie Brown and their site boasts that it is the "first natural and organic alternative to botox". As you will read in our review , it isn't the first, but it is a serious contender for the title of natural and effective alternative to Botox.

It has been clinically tested and proven to deliver the same results as Botox without the pain, side effects or other problems many have experienced with multiple treatments of Botox.

Most other anti-aging cremes focus on the surface of the skin. Natox penetrates further under the skin to the source of problems. In this way Natox is like Botox in that it works directly on the nerves and muscles that actually create wrinkles and fine lines on one's face.

In the Botox treatments that are normally applied a toxin is used that binds nerve endings, which prevents acetylcholine being released (this is a signaling neurotransmitter) which in turn stops the signal transmitting to the muscle to tell it to contract.

What is exciting about Natox though is that you can get the same result. This is where it gets technical- high energy ‘discharges’ are used at specific frequencies to create ‘uniquely structured resonating particles’.

These resonating particles apparently emit a specific frequency that interrupts the connection between the muscle and the nerve ending and this blocks the signal that tells the muscle to contract.

The upshot is that your face relaxes, the lines on the face relax and your skin achieves the purpose intended-to look smoother and firmer.

What is great is that it is an organic cream made mainly from sunflower oil and it has not been tested on animals

What About Exercise?

Yes of course exercise will help your skin look younger, because the pores are opened when you do a proper workout-but remember (and I constantly have to remind myself):it has to be an exercise that makes you sweat, something like one of those high intensity workout routines, and not like Mr Bean's exercise routine in his video when he goes to the dentist!

Mr Bean's Routines

The Best Bits of Mr. Bean
The Best Bits of Mr. Bean

The Trouble with Mr Bean


Where Can I buy Natox?

You can buy it online, and I would imagine Amazon will eventually sell it. I would recommend you first of all read my review and buy it from the supplier I advise as they offer a money back guarantee which other third party suppliers do not.

You can go here to see this short-and hopefully useful-Natox Review. Thanks for stopping by!


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    • Caradwyn Cooper profile image

      Charlene Little 5 years ago

      Great information. I personally prefer P90 exercise. It is a great way to keep yourself fit and looking younger. It is however complete torture on your body, but well worth it.