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Some Noticeable Attributes of Mercury + Maia Boot Laces

Updated on September 17, 2017
Mercury + Maia Bootlaces
Mercury + Maia Bootlaces

Some Noticeable Attributes of Mercury + Maia Boot Laces

Boot laces are not a basic human need, but once you get your shoe laces out of order, the need of good bootlaces will haunt you. That’s true, boot laces are sometimes the most urgent need you cannot think to continue living a cheerful life without. Mercury + Maia Boot laces are one of the most sold work boot laces in the USA. But, before you actually tend to go out to the market to buy one, learn these useful attributes of the Mercury + Maia Boot laces.

Mercury + Maia Work Boot Laces (2 Pairs) Hiking Laces with Fused Tips - Nylon Taslan Boots Shoelaces - USA MADE

1. The Boot Laces are Sturdy and Strong

Mercury + Maia boot laces are built to weather extreme roughness and they are probably the best hiking laces you can find in the market nowadays. They are super strong and when used with care, may last for a very long time without losing the shine.

2. The Best Nylon Laces with Heat and Chemical Resistance

Are you travelling places with extreme conditions? No need to worry if you do. These work boot laces are heat and chemical resistant, meaning you can wear them in any kind of tough and strong boots. Whether on a hiking trail, or in the chemical factory, if your boot can tolerate it, the bootlaces will also do so.

3. Manufactured in USA’s leading manufacturing plants

These sturdy boot laces are manufactured in some of the best manufacturing facilities of USA. They are built with so good materials that the company is 100% sure no buyer will feel disappointed if they buy these. That’s why there is a 100% return and refund policy for all Mercury + Maia bootlace buyer.

4. Lace them on any of your favorite brand of boots

These Brooklyn-designed hiking laces go on with any type of boot. Ecco, Danner, Rockport, Clarks, Doc Martens, Merrell, or Timberland boots - you name it and the bootlaces will just sip into the lace-holes of your boot.

5. Fused Tips on each End

To make the laces long-lasting, Mercury + Maia attached fused tips on each end of the laces. That means, even if it goes through much roughness, the wear and tear won’t reduce the look and life of the great hiking laces.


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