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What You Need to Know About Getting Kids Ears Pierced

Updated on August 31, 2015

Recently my 8 year old started begging me to have her ears pierced. My big concern was the pain factor. I was worried that she would get one ear pierced but be too afraid to get the second one done.

I didn't remember too much about getting my own ears pierced. I remembered it hurting a little but not much else. Finally, we went ahead with the ear piercing.

Ear piercing is typically free if you purchase earrings. We had the piercing done at the jewelry section of our local Walmart. For our second child we went to Claires, which was a much better experience. These are a few things we learned after having our first child's ears pierced.

An ear piercing gun is used to pierce ears
An ear piercing gun is used to pierce ears | Source

Things You Need to Know

  • It hurts. A lot. However, my child went through with getting both ears done. Consider your child's threshold for pain. If you think they can't handle a lot of pain, it may be better to delay piercing until they're older.
  • The recovery time is long. Approximately 6 weeks long. The earrings can't be removed for these 6 weeks.
  • Understandably infection is a risk. When I got my ears pierced, I wasn't given any kind of antiseptic. You will likely be given an antiseptic that will be applied at least twice a day using a cotton swab.
  • Watch for pain, swelling or redness. These are signs of infection and will require medical treatment.
  • The earrings will have to be turned twice a day to ensure that they don't stick. Wash hands first to prevent infection.
  • Your child will have to be careful pulling clothing over their head while the ears heal.
  • If your child plays sports, try to space as many days as possible between the piercing and the next practice session because the ears will be very sensitive.
  • Make sure the ears are dried well after bathing or swimming because bacteria thrive in moist environments.
  • After the healing period is over, make sure your child doesn't remove their earrings for more than 24 hours. The holes can close up quickly.


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