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Some of the best Burt Bees Products

Updated on February 6, 2013

The story behind burts bees

Some of you may have seen the Burt's bees products at stores and know that they are natural products made out of honey this company was first started by two men in the North of Bangor due to the fact that there were not a lot of jobs that were available in the area thats how the line of cosmetics came to be Burt's bees offers Lip care products, face masks, moisturizers, washes, soaps, haircare products, and ton of other items for babies as well and cant forget about the outdoor products of course for that sun protection.

Why it's natural

The company Burt's bees has a commitment of making their own products as unique as others in the cosmetics market by making the product a naturl one yet. It is a company brand that will always care about the well being of its consumers and will never get out of it's natural standards to take the easy way out about how they make and manufacture the cosmetics. Burt's bees knows that if a product is going to be natural then it should be natural all the way they do this by always making reasearch on the products while also using the latest technology in order to create the bestest ingridients as possible and not leave any harmful chemicals that can damage the health of anyone using it.

Soap Bark deep cleansing creme
Soap Bark deep cleansing creme
The lip shimmers are my favorite and they also come in different colors.
The lip shimmers are my favorite and they also come in different colors.
This is the head to toe kit you will love it i guarantee it.
This is the head to toe kit you will love it i guarantee it.
The avocado treatment for your hair.
The avocado treatment for your hair.
Buttermilk soap is appropriate for babies.
Buttermilk soap is appropriate for babies.

5 of the Burts Bees products that you should try

Burt's Bees for the face -

This section of Burt's bees offers some of the natural facial cleansers, facial moisturizers, mists, exfoliates and facial toners.

A Burt's bees product from this section would have to be :

Soap Bark and Chamomile deep cleansing creme

This is if you are looking for a deeper cleansing of the skin its a sulfate free facial cleanser that is done with a soft effective plant ingredient cleansing complex that offers quillaja saponaria ( which is the soap) bark extract and witch hazel. This also helps move away any excessive dirt or make-up that you may have clogged in your face in the end it makes your skin feel clean and refreshed this is made ot of extracts of chamomile, echinacea with a bit of aloe that soothes and relaxes skin finally it also has cocoa butter to help give off some moisture naturally.

Burt's Bees for the Lips-

Burt's bees has two collections of lip products one is lip color and the other one contains lip balm the lip color contains natural lip glosses with shimmer and tinted lip balms which are all made for the purpose of miniaturization.

Lip Shine-

This is a lip gloss that maintains your lips looking fantastic and healthy you will want to smile a lot of course it will make you want to smile more often than you usually do if you were not wearing it on your lips. It is made out of an enriched color another thing about this lip gloss is that it glides on lips to get that shiny sweet polished finish. I recommend this lip gloss for the fact that it will help brighten your lips more and give your personality some confidence boost.

Some sweet facts- Gives off a softening feel with the sunflower seed oil as an ingredient, its also available in 6 bright colors.

Burt's bees for the body-

Discover the real definition of how it is to have true real soft skin with these clean and sweet cleansers that leave you incredible all over your skin.

Head to toe kit -

Now if you want to look totally natural from your head to your toes then this kit is then search no more because this kit is for you. With this kit you can make sure that all of the sides from your skin are nourished the good part about this kit is that in it you can find a variety of assorted products that are most liked for skin care. Two examples of the products that are in this kit are the Beeswax lip balm plus also the coconut foot cream to make your feet happy.

Burt's Bees for the hair-

If you were not aware of this then I will tell you that Burt's bees also sells an assortment of natural shampoos ranging from conditioners, and hair repair formulas. I will list a treatment product because I want to talk about some of the benefits that this can have on your hair.

Avocado Butter Shampoo hair treatment-

If you perm your hair a lot, paint it or you style it then at some point your hair can become dull and dry leading to damage and when that happens it needs some repair so the perfect solution for this type of problem is the avocado butter shampoo which can add some buttery upgrade to your hair. Apply this product only once a week make it's also better if you make this into a daily routine because your hair needs a lot of moisture. This type of shampoo contains avocado, olive, almond, oat oils to condition and nourish the root ends also the nettle with the rosemary mix together to make your hair gloss and shine naturally well.

Burt's Bees for baby and mom-

Something that I liked a lot about Burt's bees is that they also offer natural products that are appropriate for babies and mothers as well. They are pediatrician approved washes, soaps, lotions, diaper creams another important thing is that they are paraben free, sulfate and all of those other chemicals that may not be good for a person are not contained in these bottles.

Baby bee buttermilk soap-

This is french milled soap for the baby it is best recommended for use when you are giving your little one a bath the best detail of it is that it leaves your baby's skin feeling soft due to the silky touch of the artisanal bar of soap this is made out of an infusion of buttermilk. I think this is one of the awesomest ingredients a item can have and it also great to know that its made naturally not like those other brands of bars.

Some well known facts-

It is a product that is tested by pediatricians and hypoallergenic without paraben. It is also safe, effective and natural as I mentioned earlier.


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