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Sons of Heroes Clothing

Updated on March 20, 2014

All about the timing - Sons of Heroes.

In the last few years there has been a bit of a renascence in British clothing design and lot of small brands have started to appear from all corners of our small island.

So it is a good time to be a small company trying to make contemporary menswear because all the little brands are helping each other cut through the high street clobber and the have started to supply the common man with clothing that he can feel proud to wear.

Sons of Heroes is one of these brands which has taken this trend by the scruff of the neck and they have started to run with it.

Bondage Style Cardigan - Sons of Heroes.

Sons of Heroes take their inspiration from all corners of British fashion and the picture above is a great example of this. You can see the heritage of Vivienne Westwood running all the way through this piece, from the slim cut to the bondage style belts which cut across the front of the item.

It is not to say that they have copied Vivienne Westwood completely they have merely taken a few tips from the great designer and it also give people that might not be able to afford the real thing a nice entrance to this kind of fashion.

Again it is not to say that this brands garment are made to a lower standard because there not, they have been produced to the highest standards.

All Black Everything

They can also turn their hand to fashion that is completely of the time as the photo above proves. Their take on the jogging bottoms is perfect for the smart casual era that we live in, even though to the untrained eye they look like MC Hammer trousers from the nineties.

The top half of this outfit shows that even though scoop necked tee shirts might feel like they have been left in the past they can still be used in the right way and this casual urban cowboy style,

I think that you can see influences from a few great past brands in here, you could say that even All Saints has came in to play, especially with those boots at the bottom.

A slightly smarter look.

Above is another great look and it is a look that comes from the slightly smarter end of the scale.

The double layered suit jacket is a great innovation and it pushes this out fit right to the edge of style, it also adds a little weight to the top half of the out fit and it balances out the drop crotch trousers perfectly.

Drop crotch trousers can sometimes add a little too much weight to the bottom half of an out fit and the addition of this jacket is a great touch.

I would also like to point out that the leather gloves which appear in most of these photos really pulls the collection together and they give the whole collection a rugged edge.

High Collar Jacket

Whilst looking at their outer wear it is hard to ignore this great high necked jacket, again this jacket goes to show the level of tailoring that Sons of Heroes use in their pieces.

The high neck of this jacket gives the whole garment a futuristic feel and it could be mistaken for a piece of costume from The Fifth Element or even an Alien film, it feels like Jean Paul Gaultier has had a hand in the cut of this jacket.

This time the jacket has been paired up with some tighter cut trousers and the whole out fit comes together with some heavy leather boots.

It is only when you bring the whole out fit together do you see the futuristic uniform style that Sons of Heroes is trying to bring.

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Is this were the brand got its name from?

In Conclusion

Brands Like Sons Of Heroes are bridging the gap between high street and high fashion and it is one of the biggest growing markets as people get to know more about high fashion through social media but don't really have the money to afford it. Now with brands like Sons of Heroes you can get the look that you are after with out having to over spend, this can only be a bonus for the average person and it means that we are getting better dressed people on the street, win/win.


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