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Soothing Summer Skin Solutions

Updated on February 18, 2013

5 Skin Tips for the Summer

Summer heat is coming and once again there are certain types of skin problems that often occur. This includes sunburn, eczema, psoriasis, rashes and blemishes. Yet, there are easy and natural solutions to soothing the skin during the summer heat.

Below is a list of 5 ways to soothe your skin. Also see links below for other easy natural skincare and healthy eating lists.

1 - For Sunburn - Use aloe vera. The aloe vera plant (see photo) has a gel that is beneficial for all types of skin emergencies. Aloe vera has natural compounds that help speed the healing process in first and second degree burns. This includes sunburns. Aloe vera also reduces the inflammation caused by rashes and bug bites. Grow your own and keep it fresh and on hand. Use it by removing a lower leaf from the plant, slicing it open and applying the soothing gel two to three times a day. You can also purchase 100% pure aloe vera gel from a health food store.

2 - For Eczema - Use Oregon grape root. Heavy perspiration is a known trigger for eczema flare-ups. Recent studies have show a cream made from Oregon grape root has provided relief to patients that other creams (without it) did not. The anti-inflammatory compounds in Oregon grape root cream helps reduce swelling of inflamed tissues. To use, add 5 drops of the essential oil to alcohol-free moisturizer and gently apply. The product can be purchased in health food stores or online.

Note: - See link below for benefits of eating grapes and using the juice for a face mask. Grapes have alpha-hydroxy acids which are known to soothe and tighten the skin. Alpha hydroxy acids are added to expensive anti-wrinkle creams.

3 - For Psoriasis - Use green tea.  Applying your own green tea solution to flaky scaly patches will help get rid of them. Green tea is plentiful with antioxidants that help to reduce inflammation while also slowing the overproduction of skin cells. This overproduction of skin cells lead to this skin condition. Soak a paper towel with cooled brewed green tea. Apply the wet towel to the affected area twice a day - for 30 minutes. 

Have I tried this?

Yes, when spring approaches my right elbow itches and sometimes gets inflamed from my scratching. Yesterday, I applied the green tea (I've never used tea bags, only loose teas) soaked in a paper towel and it immediately soothed the skin and reduced the redness. Then through the day I splashed some on the elbow area - ah, relief! Because I had earlier scratched and actually damaged my skin, I applied pure shea butter last night (the miracle worker) and today no itching and no redness. See the link before for the healing powers of pure shea butter.

Note: Green tea also soothes the face and is a great cleanser. See link below for natural recipes with two ingredients.

4 - For Blemishes - Use tea tree oil. Tea tree oil contains anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that help kill germs that cause blemish and acne flareups. A solution made with tea tree oil will calm inflamed pimples just as effectively as benzoyl peroxide (the generic term for many brand-name acne products), and with less side effects. To use, add three drops of tea tree oil to 1 ounce of distilled water and dab on affected areas. Avoid use on lips, inside the nose and near the eyes. The oil can be purchased at health food stores or online.

5 - To Slow Skin Aging - Eat your K vegetables. Vegetables that contain Vitamin K help prevent wrinkles and sagging skin by making the elastic bonds in your skin strong. Top sources of vitamin K are spinach, avocado, kale, broccoli and parsley. See the link below for links to other healthy eating lists.

For a list of natural cosmetics with just 2 ingredients, eating grapes and making a grape face mask, and lists of healthy eating ideas, see links below:

Grow your own aloe vera
Grow your own aloe vera


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    • profile image

      Allesulsove 2 years ago

      but it seems a lot of it is popping it up all over the internet without my authorization. Do you know any solutions to help prevent content from being ripped off?

    • TheListLady profile image

      TheListLady 5 years ago from New York City

      Great tips John C. It's amazing how so many people in other cultures use umbrellas - I am beginning to see more of that here.

    • profile image

      John C 5 years ago

      Very useful tips, thanks!

      For sun related problems, prevention is better and I would suggest to bring an outdoor umbrella. Here are some information about umbrella for summer,

    • profile image

      David 6 years ago

      Another great tip: BATHE IT OUT!!!

      Just toss orange slices, peppermint oil and dried mint leaves into the tub, let it steep for a few minutes, jump in and relax!

      Orange is a natural astringent, the peppermint oil helps moisturize the skin and the scent of the mint leaves refreshes and energizes.

      I’ve been doing this for years, and my skin is as fresh and radiant as anyone’s!

      For more great tips, check out

    • celebritie profile image

      celebritie 6 years ago

      aloe vera is awesome

    • Pinkchic18 profile image

      Sarah Carlsley 6 years ago from Minnesota

      Very useful hub! I want to get an aloe vera plant this year, I hear they are wonderful for your skin and they look pretty too :)

    • theherbivorehippi profile image

      theherbivorehippi 6 years ago from Holly, MI

      love love love Aloe Vera! By the way...the inside of a banana peel will take itchiness away for poison ivy, bug bites, etc. Fabulous hub as always!

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      I've become a big fan of using green tea on my skin - and yes definitely tea leaves are better. What I do need is an aloe vera plant. Had one years ago and that gel is amazing.

      Thanks for these tips - summer does bring on bug bites,and burns and rashes - and something natural is always better. The plain brewed green tea is amazing.

      Rated up!