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Spa Massage Therapy To Recharge Your Body and Mind

Updated on February 8, 2015

What is Spa ?

The name Spa has been heard for not long time. In tourism industry spa trend has started only. Even then people think and speak about going to spa.  Spa is derived from the Latin word Salasberaquam, which means healing through water . In ancient roman, reek and Egyptian culture it is evident that there were common bathing places and baths to cure diseases and relieve pain. The idea spa has bees come out from this. 

In present time people consider spa as a therapy to heal body and mind. Spa reliefs the pain affecting both body and mind due to tension. In early times spa therapy was intended to protect skin. It was considered as beauty therapy to maintain youth fullness in life. Today spa has crossed a revolutionary level to which they cure diseases, give advices on nutritious diet and exercises.

Modern Spa - To be young always

Spa therapy includes various measures like

  • Special baths to remove the dead tissues to give a glowing skin
  • Body massage which gives a new energy to the body
  • Special treatment for the face and hair
  • Foot massages for caring the foot
  • Massages with different types of stones etc.

Modern spa is a blend of ancient and modern therapy. So they not only use the traditional ayurvedic massage but also use Thai massage, reflexology and acupuncture.

Different Type of Spa

Based on the use, spa can be grouped as club spa, destination spa, resort spa, medical spa, mineral spring spa, day spa etc.

  • Club Spa - Meant for fitness.
  • Destination Spa - This is the best way to spend the vacation. This package includes various body treatment, exercise to improve fitness and special diet to give complete physical and mental fitness
  • Resort Spa - Many hotels and resorts offer this services
  • Day Spa - This is the common type in which the treatment is confined to a single day.

Spa also give instructions like dieting tips to lower body weight,excercises,food recipes and body massages. There are separate spa for ladies and gents.

How to do Massage

Body Massaging Therapy

Spa is more useful for the common man, because day spa gives head to foot care, massages and recharging therapies. Different body massages is the highlighted one among these therapies. The care giver will have special knowledge and skills in spa massaging. They do body massage followed by a steam bath. All these massages are done by taking time.

They start the massage from the foot to head with fingers and gives steam therapy after this. The steam enters the body and dissolves the poisonous substances in the body and becomes clean after a bath.

Different Type of Body Massages - Thai Massage to Kerala Massage

Let’s discuss about some important body massages.

  • Balinese Massage -This is the traditional massage of the country Balinese. This massage gives special energy to the body. This is done by using creams or oils suiting the skin of the person.This take around 1hr time and the expense is 70$ to 250$.
  • Swedish Massage -This is the traditional massage of Sweden. They use creams or oils and massage gently. This need 90 minutes time and the rate starts from 50$ onwards.
  • Lomy-Lomy Massage -This massage is suited for athlets, drivers and other hard workers. Duration of this massage is 75 minutes and the starting rate is 55$ .They use creams or oils in this massage
  • Thai Massage -This is a hard massage done to those who hate oil massage. The rate for this starts from 70$
  • Deep Tissue Massage -This is mainly meant for office workers. It takes nearly 105 minutes and the cost starts from 90$

In addition to this massages there are other massages like mechanized massage using electrical appliances, traditional Kerala massage etc.


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