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Sparrow Tattoo Meaning

Updated on October 6, 2013

What Does A Sparrow Tattoo Mean?

As you select the best tattoo design, you may come across a number of options that make it even more overwhelming to choose the perfect one for you. If you find yourself confused about the excellent design to ink on your skin, then it may help to know the meaning of certain tattoos before you make a final decision. As you read along this article, you will learn more about the sparrow tattoo meaning, which may inspire you to get this design not only because of its amazing looks but positive meaning, as well.

History Behind the Sparrow Tattoo Meaning

Getting a sparrow tattoo or any other design is a big move since it is bound to stay on your skin for quite some time. So, before you head off to your tattoo artist, make sure you learn more about the meaning behind this fine design.

In history, the sparrow tattoo was famous as a sailor's tattoo. It was believed that sailors intended to get inked with a sparrow tattoo each time they succeeded in travelling about 5,000 nautical miles. The tattoo served as a symbol of their success in conquering challenges while in the waters. Moreover, sparrows were a thought to bring good fortune to sailors. Thus, some sailors chose to get a sparrow tattoo before they had to leave the docks, with the faith that this image is their talisman that would help them return to their homes safely.

The ancient Egyptians also had some beliefs about sparrows. To them, a sparrow helps catch and save the souls of individuals who have died. It is this same belief that served as a reason why sailors prefer to get a sparrow tattoo more than any other design. They have faith that if they suffer any misfortunes and die at sea, these sparrows would bring their spirit safely to heaven.

At present, the sparrow tattoo is used as a memorial design for a loved one who has passed away. You can find tattoos with two sparrows holding both end of a banner that bears the name and date of death or birth of the one being memorialized. Hence, there is not much difference with the past meanings of the sparrow tattoo and what people think of the design in this present time.


Other Meanings of the Sparrow Tattoo

Several people also associate sparrows with optimism and prosperity, and they believe that these birds help attract good luck in a person's life. Indeed, the sparrow tattoo is more than just a simple remembrance of a departed loved one, but it also sympbolizes a person's tender and genuine love for another individual.

There are numerous varieties of sparrow tattoos that you can find. For instance, a sparrow that appears as though it is singing symbolizes freedom. On the other hand, a sparrow that is flying towards a flower or sitting calmly on a tree branch represents peace and contentment. There are also images of the sparrow that is diving towards a star, and this symbolizes one's quest for true love.

Sparrows serve as a symbol of finding meaning in life. Many people choose to get a sparrow tattoo to express how much they aspire to meet their soulmate, or that special someone whom they are intended to be with for throughout eternity. It is also represents the desire to find freedom, explore unchartered parts of the world, and return home safely after a long travel.

In the movies, the sparrow tattoo that was featured in Captain Jack Sparrow's arm, (from the film Pirates of the Caribbean) has the character's name alongside the image of this bird. This also helped boost the popularity of sparrow tattoos among individuals who are looking to have a meaningful design inked on their skin.

Different Sparrow Tattoo Designs

Basically, the core feature of the sparrow tattoo is a flying bird with brightly colored flowers in the background. There are also design that features the bird sitting alone on a tree branch, while there are other tattoos where the sparrow is holding a banner with a text message written in it. You can also find other artistic designs with impressive color combinations, styles and design variations. However, the overall design and color scheme still depends on the person who is planning to get this kind of tattoo. After all, the design should make sense to the bearer instead of simply presenting the tattoo in an outrageous manner.

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